8 Ways You’re Inviting Spiders Into Your Home, According to Experts

Whether you’re really arachnophobic or simply hate insects in general, no one really loves the idea of coming across a spider in their home. Naturally, skilled hunters are very good when it comes to cutting back on pesky bugs such as mosquitoes and flies in your garden. However, the fact that they play their part […]

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Trees (in 4 Easy Steps)

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home: Step-By-Step Edition For many families out there, the annual rite of selecting a Christmas tree can be a fun tradition, but this doesn’t mean that it’s taken lightly. Some folks even have a wide list of criteria that are very important to them. Some people […]

9 Effective Ways to Allergy-Proof Your House

allergy-proof your house

Are you looking for ways to allergy-proof your house? You’re in the right place! It isn’t just in your head; pollen allergy seasons get worse every year. Hotter temperatures translate to more potent pollen, which comes from grasses, flowers, weeds, and trees, for a longer period of time. Sagebrush, cedar, oak, ragweed, and birch are […]

6 Mistakes That Lead to Mold Growing in Your Bathroom


Is it possible for mold to grow even if you’re thoroughly cleaning the bathroom? Yes! Here’s what you’re doing wrong. Whether you have your own place or live in a rented home, a clean and organized space can have impressive effects on one’s health, mental and physical. If you like to keep things neat and […]

8 Unbelievable Habits That Attract Ants into Your Home Like a Magnet

habits that attract ants

Has this ever happened to you? Spotting an ant somewhere around your home and not long after discovering that you have an ant infestation? This is pretty common, and that’s why you should know about the habits that attract ants. These are things that you might be doing every day without even knowing that you […]

9 Things in Your Home That Secretly GROSS Out Your Guests

Make Sure Your Guests Aren’t Grossed out By These Things in Your Home: The space we live in can tell people quite a few things about who we are. Whether we’re talking about the dollar-store decorations we decide to display or the way we organize our rooms, the last thing we would ever wish for […]

12 Innocent Refrigerator Lifespan Mistakes You’re Making Without Realizing It

Refrigerator Lifespan Mistake

Avoid ruining your appliance by not making these refrigerator lifespan mistakes! Could there be some common pitfalls that might be silently undermining the longevity of your refrigerator? The American House has decided to shed some light on the subtle refrigerator lifespan mistakes that many of us unknowingly make, jeopardizing the durability and efficiency of our […]

11 AMAZING Paint Colors That Are Trending in 2024

paint color trends

You Need to Try One of These 11 Trending Paint Colors! Now it’s definitely the most colorful time of the year. So if you’ve been planning a specific paint project or you’re suddenly inspired to add more color to your walls, then you will find this article super helpful. As it turns out, feeling the […]

Homeowner’s Vacation Checklist: Don’t Forget to Do These 10 Basic Things

Homeowner's vacation checklist

Before heading to your next getaway, read this homeowner’s vacation checklist to ensure you leave your house in order! Going on a well-deserved vacation is definitely an exciting prospect. But as a responsible homeowner, ensuring that your residence is safeguarded during your absence is vital. This brings us to the indispensable homeowner’s vacation checklist: a […]

Finish Your Basement: 9 Important Things to Not Overlook

finish your basement

Do you know how to finish your basement? I have some amazing tips for you. If you’ve read any of the articles I’ve written on this website, you already know that it was a dream of mine to live in a house in a small neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. I come from a small […]