Make Sure Your Guests Aren’t Grossed out By These Things in Your Home:

The space we live in can tell people quite a few things about who we are. Whether we’re talking about the dollar-store decorations we decide to display or the way we organize our rooms, the last thing we would ever wish for is for our guests to feel turned off by our decorating and organizing choices.

However, there are many small things that you could easily overlook until someone else points them out. In most cases, they will be polite enough not to say anything.

If you want to avoid additional embarrassment, we can discuss all the possible things that might make your guests leave earlier than planned.

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Hair all over the place

If you have long hair, then you must be familiar with the fact that hair has a weird habit of getting everywhere. Well, cleaning it up is an all-so-necessary battle, especially when you’re expecting guests.

Nobody really enjoys finding hair in their bathroom, whether it’s in the sink, on the floor, or even, God forbid, on the towels. Well, according to a home improvement expert, you might not realize just how much hair is lying around, especially if you have long locks.

You might also want to watch out for facial hair trimmings around your bathroom sink. If you shave your beard in the same bathroom designated for guests’ use, it can be quite off-putting for them to see your beard trimmings everywhere around the sink.

Imagine washing your hands and noticing this! So before inviting anyone, make sure you clean up the bathroom sink and countertop before your guests come.

Moreover, it’s not just human hair you need to take into account. If you have a furry roommate, your guests might not appreciate seeing pet hair on furniture and floors. This is even more problematic for guests who suffer from allergies.

No hand towels in sight.

Even if you don’t have any issue drying your hands on any available surface in your bathroom, this is still not a suitable option when you have people over.

Don Rees, a well-known decorating expert who has been building houses for more than 40 years, advised that your guests might change their view of the way you live if your bath towel is the only one they have to wipe their hands on.

In other words, you should add one extra bath towel, especially for your guests. No one really wants to use the same bath towel you use. After all, they don’t know in which circumstances you’ve used it.

So that’s why it is so important to remember to change the towels for your guests, or even provide them with paper towels to dry their hands.

Overflowing trash

Make sure you remember to take out the trash before expecting your guests. Having an overflowing garbage can is a surefire way to gross out your guests. First of all, it’s extremely unhygienic, if you think about it.

Then, it’s extremely off-putting, especially since you give your guests a full view of what you used, ate, and threw in the last hours or even days. Also, don’t think you’re off the hook because you tucked away your overflowing trash in the cabinet.

The first impulse might be to think that you can hide the garbage. But the more you keep it out of sight, the smellier it will get. When you decide to place the garbage in a confined space, the smell condenses.

Then your guests come, and naturally, they decide to throw something out (because it happens), and then what? Oh yeah, they are greeted by the worst possible smell.

Worn-out pillows in the guest room

If you’re hosting someone for an overnight stay, then you need to be conscious when it comes to how your guests will lay their heads on at bedtime. Your guest room might seem like a convenient place to store your old pillows, especially if you don’t want to toss them.

But remember to change them when you’re expecting guests. Otherwise, this is the kind of thing that could easily make your visitors uneasy when it comes to spending the night over at your place.

Moreover, the grossest thing is that worn-out pillows might have months or even years’ worth of accumulated dust, oils, drool, dust mites, mold, mildew, and even fungi.

I mean, it’s hard to be that organized and clean everything around the house, particularly things you don’t use. So we get that you might forget about them, but you need to remind yourself to wash them before saying yes to guests sleeping over at your place.

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Dirty chairs

I think one of the easiest things to forget when it comes to preparing your house for guests is getting the back of your dining room chairs. However, if you’re hosting a sit-down meal, then your visitors likely won’t be able to miss the grime, especially when they go to sit down.

So go and check, because chances are there’s still some pasta sauce or chocolate hanging on by a thread. Touching a sticky chair back might definitely disgust your guests.

Moreover, you should be taking a close look at the chairs, as you might not notice all those dirty spots that could ultimately repulse the guests. The legs are also the ones that are frequently covered with all kinds of spills and splatters you rarely even see.

Shower curtain liner

If there’s something that no one wants to see, it’s a discolored or even mildewed liner. So if you have guests overnight and you kindly offer them a shower or a bath, make sure you offer a really pleasant experience.

Before your guests come, toss the liner into the washer with a full cup of vinegar and a couple of towels. Then, run a short cycle for five to ten minutes. Let everything soak for an hour, then turn the cycle back on and hang the liner up to dry.

Fuzzy toilet seat covers

Well, we’ve decided to mention this in case fuzzy toilet seats are still a thing. However, we really hope they’re not. It would take too much to enlist all the reasons why fuzzy toilet seat covers are the definition of germ-city.

And I can assure you that your guests will be grossed out for all the same reasons as above.

A slow-draining shower

Trust me, nobody wants to stand in 3 inches of dirty water. Before inviting your guests for holidays, make sure you hire a plumber to investigate the water pressure and drainage matters. This way, you will save your guests from a rather indelicate nightmare.

Sticky counters

Sticky cabinet and counter surfaces are generally the result of grease buildup. Sometimes, we’re talking about months or even years of cooking. Well, if they’re not clean enough, it might become a major cringe-inducer for your guests.

If you’ve decided to scrub your house really well before having guests, then you need the help of other cleaning soldiers. By that, I mean General Microfiber and Lieutenant All-Purpose Cleaner.

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