As you probably know already, a healthy lawn will require an adequate amount of care. Well, the proper lawn care service will definitely upgrade the looks of your property, from the soil to the grass itself, as it will keep them in good condition.

I know what you’re thinking: How do I know which lawn care service to choose? You have all the right to ask that question. You need to look out for both one-time and recurring services, which are usually on a bimonthly basis.

These are usually tailored to your property’s needs, depending on the size, location, and terrain, and they come at a competitive price. Whether you’re looking for someone trustworthy to hand your lawn, or you need to get rid of pests, here are the best lawn care services you could ask for:

Lawn Doctor

The prize: Best Overall

Why we recommend it

Lawn Doctor has a proper lawn care plan, that’s customized depending on the property. They take into consideration multiple factors, such as location, rainfall, and climate. The company was established in the 60s in Matawan, New Jersey after many local homeowners realized they need a proper care service for their yards.

Naturally, the company started to be successful fast, as they started offering lawn care services to residential and commercial properties altogether. Nowadays, the business operates all around the country, and it has over 450 locations.

They have all kinds of lawn care services, such as lawn fertilization and solutions for dealing with crabgrass, weeds, mosquitos, and ticks, but also lawn pest control. Their team of experts will come to your house, and create a personalized plan of action.

Their goal is to profit as much as possible from the environment. Plus, the firm will also take care of your trees. It goes like this: their lawn care specialists will come to your home, and will start conducting the first assessment of your yard, then create and execute a customized lawn plan. After that, they’ll come back every two months, to take care of the maintenance.

Lawn Doctor’s lawn care services always come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, then a technical will work to fix the problem, until you’re satisfied. You can easily get a custom quote, by simply calling the national hotline number, or simply contacting your local Lawn Doctor office.

lawn care
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The prize: The best nationwide coverage

Why we recommend it

TruGreen has locations throughout all 50 states, so they’re very accessible for both residential and commercial properties across the country. Their headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was founded in 1973 in Michigan, with its primary goal to keep lawns as healthy and green as possible.

TruGreen is an active member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), as they have many years of experience. The company is now on the list of top providers in the industry, and since things are going so well, they expanded in Canada, too.

TruGreen provides lawn care services that are based on science. Their certified experts are the ones that come up with all the treatments and care plans, using the safest products on the market. They have more than one lawn care plans, which consists of eight lawn visits/year, so they can properly handle aeration, fertilization, lawn grubs, weed control, certified lawn analysis, and many other things, depending on your budget and property.

The cost for the first service is $29.95 if you buy the 12-month plan. TruGreen has a “Healthy Lawn Guarantee” for any service in their portfolio, which basically means that they will do everything that’s in their power to get the job done properly.


The prize: Best Environmentally Friendly

Why we recommend it

Spring-Green dates all the way back to 1977, and it was founded in Naperville, Illinois. As they offer the best lawn care services for both homeowners and commercial facility owners, the company managed to expand throughout the U.S., serving over 25 states.

They’re an active member of the NALP, and they’re successfully committed to providing the best possible lawn care for your yard. You aren’t looking for lawn care? Don’t worry, they also have tree care and lawn pest control services.

Also, what’s really great about them is that they’ll use organic-based fertilizer on the lawn, which will definitely minimize the treatment’s environmental effect, while also taking care of your lawn naturally.

The company has an amazing selection of lawn care plans, which they can tailor depending on the climate and specifications. Their services usually range from fertilization and weed control, all the way to aeration and seeding. Plus, the lawn care experts will address any existent lawn pest infestation, while providing the safest treatments.

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The prize: Best for Lawn Mowing

Why we recommend it

Task Easy offers great lawn mowing services that are extremely accessible and easy to schedule, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. Ken Davis is the one who launched the company in 2013, with the goal of making it much easier to hire a lawn mowing or yard service provider.

Nowadays, you can book lawn care services online, no matter where you’d live across the 50 states, and they will instantly offer you the best prices and guaranteed satisfaction! TaskEasy hired only licensed and insured landscape contractors, so the job is definitely high quality.

The process goes like this: you enter your address, and then the system will automatically calculate your yard size, but you can also input the dimensions by yourself. Then, you will get a list of contractors and options which you can choose from, such as weekly, twice-a-week, and even one-time mowing services.

You click on the preferred plan, schedule the service, and then pay. If you aren’t satisfied with their service, they will provide you with another one for free, or refund your money. The prices depend on the property location and lawn size.

For example, the price for a small yard in Los Angeles can start at $58 if you want them to come every week, $67 biweekly, and $91 for a one-time service.

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The prize: Best for On-Demand

Why we recommend it

LawnStarter has been proudly revolutionizing the industry since it started in 2013, providing on-demand quality landscaping services. Nowadays, the company has over 120 local markets through its network of landscapers.

They provide lawn care services both for residential and commercial properties. They are extremely qualified in services such as lawn mowing, fertilization, bush trimming, lawn aeration, and many other things.

Plus, the company has 30 types of outdoor service packs for your property. You can easily schedule a lawn care service online, but also through the company’s mobile app.

How to choose the best lawn care service

When you want to be sure you choose the best lawn care service possible, it’s important to take into consideration a couple of factors: the number of states you can find them in, the services they offer, their website usability, and, of course, the pricing.

If you want to go a bit extra, then look out for customer satisfaction ratings, what satisfaction guarantees they have, and their affiliations with industry associations.

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