Nothing brings more energy as easily and quickly as a new plant. You don’t even have to spend too much money to grow new plants since there are lots of budget-friendly ways to do that. Maybe your friend has more plants and you can pick up some cuttings. Another inexpensive way would be to buy seeds and grow your own plants.

In case you’re a seasoned plant parent, you must already know that sometimes you don’t need just a simple planter for your fronds; you also need something that matches your home or garden style. Well, achieving this aesthetic-related requirement can be quite an expensive aspect of the journey. Don’t worry because we have some good news for you!

There are plenty of DIY planters that you can easily create. Not only are DIY options inexpensive, but they also feature high style so you can provide your plants with a stylish new home without spending too much money. To give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered some of the coolest, easiest, and most durable DIY planters to use both indoors and outdoors.

This said, here are 10 DIY planters that you definitely should try!

wooden crate
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1. Use a Wooden Crate

Making a planter out of a wooden crate is quite simple. If you already own a wooden container, then you just have to grow a plant in it. Using a wooden crate as a DIY planter is a very original and, of course, attractive way to make your own salad garden on your patio. This kind of planter is also suitable for planting some fresh herbs.

Nature does the majority of the hard work, so the only thing you’ll have to do is to fill your DIY planter with fertile soil making sure the water can drain. Once the plants are starting to grow, you’ll be able to enjoy — seeing or eating — them.

2. DIY Modern Cement Planters

These DIY planters are definitely both eye-catching and durable! Cement planters have a unique, cool appearance and also a handmade design. They don’t require too much effort, and the result is downright lovable and chic. Anyone can make them!

You’ll have to make the mixture first: four parts sand and one part cement. You can use some old food containers — the more unusual the forms, the more creative would be the planters — to give your DIY planters the right shape.

Use the cement mix to fill a larger bowl and insert a smaller pot into the sand creating a cavity — an ice cream cup, for instance, would be just perfect. Flip it and let everything dry for a few days. After this, drill some drainage holes, sand the edges smooth, and that’s it! You have a DIY planter where you can plant your succulents!

3. Brick Succulent Planters

Another thing that hasn’t ever crossed your mind is having bricks as planters. Yes, you read it right!

These natural and long-lasting materials provide a nice and cool contrast to delicate succulent plants. Used bricks are even better as they bring a bit of personality having history behind them. Besides being so inventive, brick planters don’t require spending too much money. In fact, used bricks are usually thrown away, so you can definitely get some for free.

The tricky part is drilling the holes. It’s not very difficult, but you must do it patiently because any sharp movement could shatter the brick.

4. Pallet Vertical Garden

If you’re looking for ways to organize your small patio, then you should get yourself a pallet to grow a vertical garden. This DIY planter also works better when you’re running out of outdoor space while having lots of pots. Basically, this innovative planter is meant to grow plants on your patio without taking up too much space.

You can easily turn a simple pallet into a vertical garden by fixing some imperfections here and there and covering it with some landscape fabric (that’s optional).

Choose some cascade plants so that the whole ensemble looks nice and healthy. This DIY planter will definitely be an excellent way to enjoy spring on your patio or balcony.

mason jars
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5. Painted Jar Planters

People use mason jars for a large variety of things. When it comes to growing plants, Mason jar planters of various colors and shapes prove to be perfect for this job! Because these planters are very water-resistant, they can easily turn into a home for small plants. Due to their small size, only tiny- and medium-sized plants can be grown since their roots don’t require too much space.

To add interest to these DIY planters, paint them in any color you prefer. Using multiple Mason jar planters in different color combinations will give you a very nice decorative corner — whether it’s inside or outside your house.

6. Coffee Bag Planter Pots

If you’ve gotten bored of classic planters, you’re not the only one. But luckily, there are lots of DIY ideas to create your own planters. One innovative suggestion would be to create a coffee bag planter. Basically, it does the same as a traditional planter but has a completely different look.

Coffee bag pots are wonderful for many reasons. Not only are they made from recycled materials, but they are biodegradable as well. On top of that, these DIY planters are also weather-resistant. The finest feature, though, is that you’ll need less than 30 minutes to make them.

The result looks gorgeous in any corner, adding a natural feel and an original touch to your décor.

If you don’t have a coffee bag, you can find it on Amazon.

7. DIY Drip Planters

If you’re a free spirit who enjoys having colorful items in your surroundings, DIY drip planters are your way to go! No one likes spilling paint while painting walls, but strategically spilling paint over some classic pots is actually a pretty cool way to decorate your house and your porch. Whatever inspired this idea, the result is fantastic.

So if you’re looking for something creative and different, this DIY planter could be a great choice. Let’s say you’ve got a classic pot and you want to decorate it.  Pour some paint on top of it and let it dry. The paint will drip in a nice, stylish way. Or you can paint the bottom. The final result will be similar.

8. Teacup Succulent Garden

Teacup planters may be a new concept for you. Actually, it seems that not so many people have heard about putting plants in teacups. Perhaps this is due to their small size and their capacity to hold a small amount of soil. However, teacups are generally very charming and lovely. On top of that, depending on the brand, some teacups may feature graphics and details that may play a key role in the design.

If you want to grow small plants and have them on your window sill, some of the old teacups that you don’t use anymore can actually work pretty well. Some good-looking teacups, along with some decorative pebbles and the natural colors of your plants, can truly turn your dull window sills into a small garden.

9. Tree Stump Planters

Nature is constantly giving us guidance on how to transform rather than discard everything. This is the case with tree stumps that can easily be turned into some DIY planters. Why get rid of tree stumps when you can actually use them to your advantage?

Creating planters out of stumps is not only a great way to brighten up your garden, but it also has additional benefits. For instance, as the wood decays, it will provide extra nutrients to your plants.

The most common way to create a tree stump planter is to use a sharp instrument such as an ax or mattock to hollow it out. You can also use a chainsaw if you’re handy enough.

tires planters
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10. Recycled Tire Garden Planter

Looking for inspiration to repurpose your old tires? Have them as DIY planters! Nobody knows who exactly came up with this idea first, but chances are that someone unintentionally left a tire on the ground for a long period of time, and the grass — and maybe even some plants — started to grow inside.

To do this as an intentional thing is altogether quite different. You’ve probably seen some tire garden planters. Some of them are very eye-catching and inventive. To spruce up your garden, try to paint some tires in different colors and stack them on top of each other. And that’s it! You’ll have a truly eco-friendly and nice-looking garden planter.

And that’s not all! If you’re looking for hard-to-kill plants, this article may help you: 10 Beautiful Plants That Grow Under Any Conditions.

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