When it comes to kitchen products, most people have more than one favorite item they almost couldn’t live without. I mean, grabbing dinner at your favorite restaurant is the best chance for you to taste some amazing food without having to cook and do the dishes. But if you ask me, nothing compares with preparing a delicious meal all by yourself. If you enjoy cooking, you can turn this activity into a hell of an adventure with some satisfying results.

But in order to cook your favorite meals at home, you need a well-equipped kitchen. If you want to cook both simple and complex recipes, it’s necessary to have everything from pots and woks, to knives and baking cups. Some kitchen products simply make preparing meals much easier. I have a friend who almost hated cooking. Until she got herself a meat cooker. And a vegetable chopper after that. Next, she was buying cooking books.

Having the right kitchen products can really turn an amateur into a chef. Not to mention that you’ll save both time AND money. Here’s a list of 17 kitchen products people can’t stop buying from Amazon so get ready to further equip your kitchen.

kitchen products: 5-blade spiralizer
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1. 5-blade spiralizer

Having an original Spiralizer you can swap pasta for vegetarian noodles or cook low-carb and flavor-packed meals. This slicer is an excellent technique to ensure that your family consumes more vegetables on a daily basis. Basically, its design motivates you to eat more veggies, which is awesome if you want to eat healthier foods.

For instance, this appliance can help you effortlessly turn squash into veggie spaghetti or potatoes into curly fries. Do you want to impress your guests? No worries, the 5-blade spiralizer can make you some beautiful, decorative garnishes.

This kitchen product is very handy and requires little effort. The anti-slip suckers found underneath keep the appliance stable on your countertop. It also comes with a cooking eBook where you can find some meal inspiration.

2. Digital meat thermometer

If you’re planning to grill more this summer or roast a turkey for the next holiday, then you definitely need a meat thermometer. Being one of the most purchased kitchen products, this relatively small tool can really turn a piece of raw meat into a delicious and properly cooked one.

The best meat thermometer helps you to easily check the internal temperature, preventing overcooking or undercooking. This way you won’t have to worry about serving dried-out food. Also, raw meat can carry bacterial species, which is why you have to cook it properly to avoid illnesses.

You just have to insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat and voilà, in less than 7 seconds you’ll see the exact temperature.

3. Instant Pot

Are you looking for a multi-use kitchen gadget? Something that can turn into a steamer, warmer, yogurt maker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, AND rice cooker? Well, that’s the Instant Pot. At first, its popularity appeared like a sort of a trend but it turns out that Instant Pot is here to stay. If you haven’t tried this one yet, now is the time for you to give it a chance.

Having this electric pot by your side, you can cook chicken & rice, different kinds of soups, risotto, beef stew, lasagna and so much more. It has a pressure-cooking function for the moments when you’re in a hurry and don’t feel like preparing meals for the whole family. People absolutely love it because it’s a time-saving, handy kitchen device that allows them to effortlessly cook meals without having to keep a close eye on the stove.

4. Pastry blender

Did you give up on hoping that one day you’ll make the perfect dough for your favorite pie? It’s time for you to reconsider this because there are some kitchen products that can help you become a pastry chef. If you enjoy baking, then you really need to try a pastry blender. It’s basically a cooking tool with which you can easily combine dry and wet ingredients, mix biscuits, cut butter, and even make guacamole.

For instance, this pastry blender has a rubber handle with an anti-slip function that makes mixing extremely easy. It can also be safely washed in a dishwasher. Bonus: it comes with a lifetime warranty so if it breaks, you can change it for free.

Kitchen products: seasoned cast iron pan
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5. Pre-seasoned cast iron pan

Once you buy a good cast iron skillet, it should last a lifetime, so it’s important to choose the best one. This kind of pan is essential for any cooking lover who wants to make a perfect pizza crust, fry meats and vegetables with ease (many recipes require a “heavy skillet”, but a cast-iron one proves to be more than perfect), or roast finger-licking whole chickens. Above all, a cast iron pan is a highly durable kitchen tool that can last for generations.

On top of that, it’s one of the most versatile kitchen products you could have. Cast iron skillets have a natural nonstick finish that’s pretty long-lasting if it’s properly maintained. Sure, it requires a little more attention than other types of pans when it comes to cleaning and seasoning it, but trust me, once you learn how to deal with this process, you’ll have a long-lasting pan. And many delicious meals on your table.

6. Digital food scale

A good food scale is an indispensable tool that you must have in your kitchen. Although nothing can replace an expert intuition, there are situations when you absolutely need scale precision. Many recipes call for fluid ounces and cups, but no matter how skilled you are as a cooker, the cup of milk you weigh today isn’t always the same cup of milk you weighed yesterday.

Scales are essential tools for any serious cook, especially when it comes to measuring servings or ratios. More challenging recipes require the use of a food scale. A good scale should provide accuracy first and foremost, but it must also be easy to clean and store, simple to read, and intuitively designed. These are the main features you’ll have to look for when purchasing a scale. Once you have one, you won’t stop using it, believe me!

7. Nut milk bag

Nondairy milk substitutes are now available in almost every grocery store, from almond milk and coconut milk to soy milk and so on. While buying plant-based milk is way more convenient, homemade nut milk comes with some advantages. Homemade dairy-free milk alternatives are less expensive and don’t have any additives like carrageenan found in store-bought milk. On top of that, it tastes better and fresher than commercial varieties.

However, you can’t make nut milk without having a nut milk bag. This mesh bag is meant to act as a strainer, keeping pulp and nut chunks out of your final result. You only need one nut milk bag in your kitchen since it’s reusable and washable.

We recommend this nut milk bag for you that can also be used as a cheese maker or coffee filter.

8. Doughnut baking pans

Who doesn’t love donuts? Creamy-filled donuts, glazed donuts, sprinkled donuts, jelly donuts, they are all so delicious! There are countless donut recipes out there and making them at home isn’t really that hard.

If you want to make the perfect donuts at home, you’ll have to find a great recipe, but you’ll also need the right bakeware. The best kitchen products for making donuts are the ones that have nonstick cavities that make it easy to pop delicious desserts out without ripping them apart. Besides, a donut pan is usually a one-time purchase, so it’s best to spend your money on a great one.

9. Lock N’ Lift can opener

Some kitchen products are making our life easier, and a can opener is something you clearly need to safely open your favorite canned corn. Sure, there’s a wide variety of fresh veggies and fruits available all year, but during winter you’d want to buy canned tomato products, for instance, as they are tastier. Also, canned beans are a great alternative for the times when you need just a small amount and not the whole package of dried beans.

A can opener can be used for tiny, medium, and large cans without straining your hands, or worse, cutting yourself. Its easy and smooth turning handle allows you to easily cut the lid while its magnetic lever helps remove the lid afterward.

10. Cheese slicer

If you want to impress your guests with an ultimate cheese plate, then you must know how to cut neat and uniform cheese slices. To make this happen, all you need is a great cheese slicer. No kitchen is ever fully equipped without a good cheese slicer. If you and your family consume at least one type of semi-firm, semi-soft, or hard cheese, then you should definitely own this tool in your kitchen products collection.

This wonderful slicer provides a slicing accuracy, guaranteeing that every piece of cheese is perfect in terms of thickness, size, and shape. Also, cutting cheese with it is certainly faster than doing the same thing with a traditional knife.

Stovetop espresso maker
Photo by Victoria Ashman from Shutterstock

11. Stovetop espresso maker

If you’re a coffee lover, then you probably know that the secret behind great-tasting coffee is a mix of three factors: extraction, temperature, and pressure. Well, all three of these are met by the stovetop espresso maker’s brewing process.

Also called Moka pots, these kitchen products are like espresso makers when it comes to delivering strong, rich coffee. While a stovetop espresso maker won’t give you an ultra-fine foam as the espresso maker does, it can provide you with a strong shot of caffeine without the mess, expense, and lost counter space caused by its costlier big brothers.

So you can skip your daily (and pricey) Starbucks cup of coffee and make your own one using a Moka pot. It takes less than five minutes to have six cups of strong brew. One reviewer says, “I used to have a French press that I loved but now it’s stored in the attic. I just can’t go back since I have my own Moka pot—God bless those Italians!”

12. Silicone baking cups

Muffins, cupcakes, and little cakes are made to be detail-driven. We tend to look at these tiny cakes more closely than we might a larger one, we admire their artistry, and many bakers find creative ways to decorate these treats. The reusable baking cups are the best inexpensive tools for those who love small cakes, especially homemade ones.

Silicone baking cups should allow you to bake donut holes (or rings) sized as you like; they should also be oven safe up to 500 Fahrenheit for extra versatility. While most commercial donuts are about 3 inches in diameter, you can find both generously-sized 3.75 inched molds, to lovely mini donut makers under 1-inch.

13. Vegetable chopper

No matter if you’re a professional cook or just a homemaker, food prep can sometimes be one of the most challenging tasks in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but there were times when I had to wake up early or stay up late just to make sure food preparation was in order. But those times are over since I got my own vegetable chopper. I have many kitchen products, but this one has certainly saved me a couple of times.

Using a chopper to cut veggies not only saves time but also eliminates exhaustion, reduces stress, and ensures that each chop is perfect and just the size your recipe requires. While some people may disagree with using a special chopper as it’s not as easy as a knife to clean it, keep in mind that you won’t need a cutting board, which means fewer dishes to wash.

14. Vacu Vin wine saver

You must have experienced opening a bottle of wine, drinking two glasses of it, putting the cork back in and then noticing the following day that the rest of the wine has gone bad. Yes, putting the cork back in the wine bottle and storing the beverage in the fridge may delay the spoilage process. BUT once a bottle is opened, the wine keeps deteriorating with every passing hour. 

But with the right tool, you won’t have to worry about this anymore. Its name is Vacu Vin and it’s designed to eliminate the air in opened bottles. You just have to insert the specially made stopper into the wine bottle and use the small hand pump to actually make a partial vacuum. Vacu Vin is able to create up to 80% suction, keeping your wine fresh and unspoiled. 

15. Milk frother

Do you want to upgrade your hot drinks? A milk frother may be exactly what you need. No wonder why a lot of people are buying this kind of kitchen product from Amazon. I mean, the best cappuccinos and lattes are the ones with creamy foam tops. Period.

Just because you don’t own a fancy, high-pressure espresso machine at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own barista-style coffee. Today’s milk frothers do a pretty good job without taking up a lot of your counter space or costing a fortune. Whether you’re searching for an electric, handheld or stovetop milk frother, Amazon has plenty of available options.

Rapid egg cooker
Photo by Nattawut Susri from Shutterstock

16. Rapid egg cooker

Do you like having eggs for breakfast, but you never have enough time in the mornings to actually make them? Yes, me too. Luckily, some kitchen products may save your whole day, and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you may want to have a rapid egg cooker. This awesome appliance makes poached, scrambled, hardboiled eggs, and even omelets while you’re getting ready or dealing with other stuff.

It has an auto shut-off function that prevents overcooking so you won’t need to keep an eye on the stove. You just have to drop the eggs inside, add some water and press the power button. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have your ready-to-eat breakfast. How cool is that?

17. Flat whisk

You must already have a French whisk or a balloon whisk in your utensil drawer. So why would you buy a flat whisk? Well, devotees state that its design is easier to clean as you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning every loop of metal.

Also, it’s easier to reach into every corner of your saucepan if you use a flat whisk instead of a balloon one. Some fans even believe that it’s more efficient to use a flat whisk when it comes to making egg whites or whipping cream.

This savvy utensil is also great at mixing sauces, so if you’re a sauce lover who enjoys cooking you must add it to your kitchenware.

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