Are you re-painting your bedroom? You should avoid these colors, especially if you want to sell!

When it comes to bedrooms, we all find ourselves thinking it could be good to have some novelty from time to time. This is why a lot of people have been thinking that they could rearrange and redo their sleeping spaces, even more so after the pandemic has thrown our lives out of the loop.

Be it that you want some wonder in your life or that you just bought a house, or even that you are thinking of revamping the rooms before you sell them, you should consider the color of your bedroom very well before you commit to anything. Not only have the colors of the rooms around us been proven to influence our moods, but they can sometimes make or break a deal or even a healthy sleeping pattern.

This is why we have gathered some of the colors you should definitely avoid when it comes to bedrooms! While these colors are very well suited for other rooms or accent walls, doing a whole room with them is unadvisable, no matter how much we like the color.

Let us know what color you would paint your walls!

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Bright Yellow Bedroom

Let’s be honest, as much as we all love yellow in some capacity and it makes for a nice accent color, having your whole bedroom be bright yellow will become a problem much faster than a lot of people anticipate. This is not to say that some more muted shades of yellow won’t make for good colors, but the really bright one has little to no use in your room.

Think about it like this: while it is a very cute and cheerful tone to see over the day, you aren’t spending that much time in the bedroom during the day, to begin with. And when you are going to settle in for the night, you’re going to discover that due to the bright lemon color, it will be harder to fall asleep.

While it may be great for a few days, it’s going to start being a problem later, so try to avoid such a bright color for your room.

Dark Brown

It may seem like a better idea than those other even darker colors and shades, but in the end, it’s going to have the same effect as all the rest: the color is so dark it will end up making your bedroom seem gloomy, and it will bring a sense of heaviness with it. Not really what you are wishing for when you’re going to lie down after a full day in order to rest and sleep.

Moreover, even if you think it’s going to help you fall asleep faster, it will actually have the opposite effect when you try to wake up. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use any shade of brown, but in the long run, you should either opt for the muted hues or just use them as an accent color if you’re into the really dark ones.

Image By bialasiewicz From Envato Elements


This one is about the same as what we have been talking about with the yellow, but just cranked up over a hundred! Let’s be honest, while you think it will be exciting and you will express yourself with a very eclectic and electric color, all you’re actually doing is bringing a lot of vibrancy and excitement to the room.

And while it might not sound so bad at first, it will soon become a problem because you will find it extremely challenging to wind down after a full day.

Not only that, but you will find yourself on edge and on alert all of the time you’re in the room, especially if it’s one that gets a lot of light during the day: the bright walls will make the room extremely bright as the sun starts shining.

Since you’re supposed to be able to relax and unwind after a day in the bedroom, you should definitely avoid any neon colors as your main colors or even accent wall colors.


This one may seem like a great idea, especially since you can use a lighter hue in your bedroom and not go for the whole orange fantasy of the fruit. You can easily use green and purple as accent colors, and the room will look fantastic, especially if you like cool and eclectic styles. Not to mention that you can easily find matching furniture, and you’ve created an orchard inside your room.

Yet, orange is a very bright color, and you will end up with the same reasons we gave for the yellow and neon shades. It may seem cool, or you may just let your kids do what they desire in their rooms, but in the end, you’re going to create a problem.

The bedroom will seem bright even with just one night lamp on, so you can easily say goodbye to reading before bed, and even just being on your phone will create too much light. Moreover, if you’re not fond of shades or black-out curtains, you will definitely have a problem on your hands come sunlight. It is a cool concept but not one many will appreciate.

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Image By bialasiewicz From Envato Elements


If we think back to what we said earlier about painting the rooms in your bedroom a dark brown, it’s easy to expect that we will have quite the same reasons against painting the whole room black as well. Because it will help you fall asleep faster, waking up will be a nightmare, especially if you aren’t a morning person.

And to add to it, this color not only darkens your space, which may end up creating fatigue as some studies show that darkness decreases your energy at a psychological level, but it also makes it smaller. Having all your walls painted black will create the illusion that your room is way smaller than it is and can make you feel caged in.

This is why we recommend avoiding a completely dark room to avoid having these issues! It will make it much easier than having to repaint all the walls in their entirety once you have these problems if you just don’t do it to begin with.

Yet, if you’re very keen on black or any dark color as part of your space and your bedroom, you don’t have to completely give them up. You should just avoid having all of them painted: choose a feature wall in a dark color, or make sure you avoid the trims if you want more of them present. You can definitely get creative. Just make sure you don’t end up going overboard.


Unfortunately, red comes back into the same pattern of not allowing too striking a color to be in our bedrooms. This is not to say that it would look bad, but rather that such a bold color would stimulate our senses a bit too much when we are trying to wind down.

After all, bold, warm-toned colors, especially reds and pinks, have been known to not only be stylish but also capture our attention. This is why they are frequently used in marketing campaigns and why so many logos around the world are the color red.

However, they can also very easily bring up feelings of agitation and unrest, which makes red tones quite unsuitable for bedrooms. This isn’t to say that you can not use them at all. After all, warm tones are extremely well matched with more homey rooms, like the living room or the kitchen. These rooms evoke the day, as opposed to the quiet downtime of the night that the bedroom represents!

However, if you’re in the business of looking for the best color to paint your shutters, you should definitely look over our list to make sure the one you have in mind is the best one out there!

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