…Are you looking for some budget-friendly decor items you can DIY?

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, cozy, and stylish home where they can feel comfortable and happy. That can be easily fixed with a few decor items that will instantly transform the whole look of your home.

But the downside of this is that the majority of home decor items are pretty expensive and sometimes, you have other priorities. But we’re here to tell you that you CAN have the perfect home interior in just a few simple steps.

There’s no need to tear down walls, change your furniture, or break your piggy bank. You can shake up your home’s look by simply getting some DIY projects done.

And before you say that you don’t feel so crafty, let us tell you that the majority of these ideas require a trip to the flea market or to antique stores. We have plenty of creative ideas to share with you, so keep reading along with us to discover our best tips.

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1. Wall String Art 

Update your living room, your hallway entry, and even your laundry room with an easy craft that is straight from the 70s: string art.

Begin by cutting out the letters (of every word you want) from the craft paper. Make pencil marks for nail holes on the wall using the letters as a reference. Continue by incorporating copper nails into the wall and cover them with lengths of thick yarn in a variety of colors.

If you want to be more specific and funny at the same time, you can choose the word “eat” for your kitchen and “rest” if you want to place this wall string art in your bedroom.

2. Rope Table Lamp 

Do you have a boring and plain lamp you’re just sick of looking at? Try changing its look by wrapping it with rope. All you need is some thick rope and hot glue to hold it in place. You’ll surely love this whole new, beachy, and modern vibe!

3. Rope Basket 

If you have a clay pot you don’t really like, you can turn it into a new and stylish decor item by using some coiled rope basket. The first step is coiling 1/2-inch-thick sisal rope into a mat, then gluing the rope together with some hot glue as you work.

When your mat is done, start working upward by affixing the rope on top of itself, to create the shape of the basket. If you want to be a little extra and create some pretty fringes, you can do that by tying together some lengths of raffia, pinching them in the center, then gluing them to your basket.

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4. Cane Webbing Tray 

Do you want to impress your guests with your beautiful serving tray or just make your breakfast in bed a lot prettier than usual? Say no more, because we have the perfect idea for you: a DIY tray that is embellished with cane webbing.

Start by embedding a piece of caning that is approximately the same size as the opening of a picture frame, then use craft glue or glazing points to hold it in place. Then add roughly three-inch cabinet-style handles (you can wrap them in twine if you want) to the frame’s short ends.

The last step of this DIY project is completely optional but it adds a nice touch to your item. We’re talking about adding a piece of glass that will cover the full opening.

5. Clipboard Frames Wall Art 

Gallery walls look stylish, put together, and can improve the appearance of any home! The downside is that they’re quite expensive. But don’t fret, because we have a great DIY project for you.

All you have to do is attach your favorite photos to vintage clipboards. A leather jewelry string should be threaded below the clip, knotted at the top, and hung with a pushpin. And that’s it! If you get bored of the photos you chose, you can easily change them every time you want.

6. Bandana Cushions for Chairs 

You don’t have to replace your outdoor or dining room chairs just to have something new. You can easily change their look by using a bit of creativity and some crafts supplies.

You can add a pop of color with the help of these DIY bandana chair cushions. Start by measuring the seats of your chairs you want to transform and cut some pieces of upholstery to fit the size. They should be roughly 1-inch-thick.

After that, trim two bandanas to the same size and add an extra 1/2 inch all around to fit the thickness of the cushion. Continue by sewing the bandanas together, but leave a crack that is large enough to slip the foam through.

Turn the bandanas inside out, add the foam, then sew the crack closed. And now it’s the final step of this project: sew the strips and the ribbon of your bandanas to the back corners so that you can place them on the chairs.

7. Cane Webbing Headboard 

It will only take you a couple of minutes to decorate the headboard in your bedroom and the result will be great! All you have to do is cut some pieces of cane webbing in a shape that fits the openings you want to dress up, then attach them to the back by using a staple gun.

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8. Bandana Covered Pots 

…And we’re not done with the bandanas! 

You can use this item in many ways, as a styling accessory on your head, your neck, in your hair, or tied around your purse. However, this item is very versatile and you can easily use it as a decor object (as you’ve read at number 6).

But here is a different way to make the best out of it: cover your pots in colorful bandanas, to give your home more life and joy. Use some Mod Podge to place the bandana on the outside of your clay pots, then fold the fabric an inch over the top rim. When you’re done with that, cut the excess fabric and you’re good to go.

…Once the Mod Podge is dry, you can add some flowers to your pots, to make things even more beautiful!

9. Spoon Display 

Who said that spoons can’t make a great decor item in your kitchen? It’s not very hard to do a bit of change in your kitchen so that besides looking better, you’ll also be tempted to cook more often.

Place your spoons or any other utensils you have on a painted board, to give it a “homey” and cozy look. If you’re willing to take an extra step, you can place them in an ombre pattern.

Start this project by cutting a piece of plywood to the size and color that you want. Lay down your spoons in a light-to-dark pattern on that wood piece, and get a pencil to draw a spot on both sides of your spoons. It should be just below the bowl.

Remove your utensils and drill holes at the marks you’ve previously done. You can make everything easier by working with one spoon at a time and looping the fine-gauge wire over the handle and through the holes.

To secure the wood, twist all the ends of the wires together, behind the piece of plywood. Repeat the process until each one of your spoons is on the wood, then hang your new decor item.

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