Are you afraid of cockroaches?

Yucks! These awful creatures are creepy, crawling inside our house, and a lot of times we see ourselves powerless in front of them. Believe it or not, cockroaches can actually spread disease, and it’s disgusting to see them.

These unwanted guests are usually all over the place, especially if there are leftovers on the kitchen table.

There are plenty of ways to prevent and get rid of their journey through your house. If you are allergic or have asthma, you should definitely know that cockroaches can actually trigger it for real!

There are many types of cockroaches, and you have to know which sort of bug you’re dealing with. German cockroaches are usually half an inch long and are brown-colored with two dark stripes behind their heads.

The American one is 2 inches long and has a reddish brown color with a yellow patch behind the head. And on top of that, both species have wings!

1.Focus on the kitchen

Believe it or not, one of the most effective ways to keep insects away from your house is by cleaning the kitchen. Keeping it clean will actually “fight” against them. Make sure you clean up all the spills and teach your grandkids to do the same.

Having this habit is going to be more than healthy for your environment.

Taking out the trash daily is also one of the most important things to do.

Don’t forget about the dishes or the leftovers because they are also an important factor in keeping away the cockroaches. Never let them soak overnight in the sink!

Be careful, because keeping the insects away remains in your hands as well!

2. Dry up moist areas

A leaky pipe will always attract cockroaches. And that’s why you should always check the areas behind the toilets, under sinks, and the basements. It’s always the basements! Don’t forget to fix the leaking pipes and faucets.

A dehumidifier can do the job extremely well, too!

TIP: After decluttering, cleaning, and fixing the leaky pipes, make sure you polish them with some insecticides! 

3. Clean the pet eating bowl 

When it comes to food, these awful insects don’t discriminate. And they might want to eat your pet’s food too, because they rarely eat everything from the bowl. That’s why you, as the owner, should keep the bowl clean every day.

Or pour them enough for one portion so they can eat everything.

Don’t leave leftovers!

4. Change the trash often

We already talked about leaving the food out overnight, but that half-full trash bag is another source of cockroaches in your home. You should take your garbage bags outside as soon as they are full and if it’s possible to store them away from the house.

This is how you will get rid of some nosy cockroaches who are lurking around the house, expecting some food to stumble upon.

Keep in mind that if they invade your house, you should take action immediately.

Because they reproduce faster than light during the warmer months. And they can quickly become your worst enemies!

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5. Seal the entrances

It’s already a fact that cockroaches are usually trying to get indoors when the summer heat makes them hide in cooler places. They usually enter your house through cracks in windows, doors, and foundations. You can actually avoid having a nest with cockroaches by preventing them from coming inside in the first place.

How’s that possible? Simple! Take a good look at the floors and walls in each room of your house, especially in the humid places (basements, bathrooms, and kitchen).

If there are any gaps in your pipes or maybe the toilet has some issues, try to fix them as soon as possible. Seal them up!

Cockroaches are pretty flat, and they can easily squeeze through tiny spaces.

6. Store food in sealed containers

Cockroaches can easily chew through thin plastic or cardboard, and usually food is stored in there. But if you see a lot of roach infestations, you should definitely transfer all the food into sealed and more solid boxes. Especially if the food is sweet.

Sugar is like a magnet for them! The thin packaging is an easy target for sure.

7.Organize the storage places

If you are like most of us, the attic or the basement is probably the junk drawer of the house. Guess what?

The cockroaches will love those boxes too. Dark, humid, and cluttered places are basically their heaven.

The best thing you can do is to declutter and organize everything you have all over the place.

Replace the cardboard boxes with plastic ones because cockroaches are big fans of boxes that have tiny holes and it’s easy to get into.

Don’t forget about the ventilation because it’s essential when it comes to attics and basements.

Add a fan because it’s easy to find one and they have great deals on Amazon.

Just make sure your rooms don’t trap humidity because it attracts cockroaches!

8. Go on crumb patrol

Don’t forget to look out for the tiny crumbs! It’s actually mandatory to vacuum regularly, especially on your kitchen floors. Eliminate all the crumbs from the counters by wiping them down regularly with a special-purpose cleaner.

Make a habit out of this because it’s actually a healthy one, plus who doesn’t want a clean house?

Don’t forget that the cockroaches are active mostly during the night, so the leftovers from your dinner will be their dessert.

And make sure you eat your snacks only in the kitchen. Not in the living room or even the bedroom.

Even if we spoke above about the fact that they usually don’t come there, the smell of the food will attract them for sure.

9. Window screens 

Did you know that window screens can be your friends? The answer is yes definitely.

Keeping the cockroaches out is so simple! You have to make sure that all of your windows and doors have screens on them before leaving them open. As we previously mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are several species, and some of them are attracted to lights.

And they will fly right through an open window to attack lamps, fans, or TV screens.

Don’t forget that if you find cockroaches in your house, it doesn’t mean you are a bad housekeeper. It’s just the bugs are usually clever and well-determined, and they can sneak into the house pretty easily.

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10. Let the baits do their job

Roach bait is actually poison, but they have no idea because they’re in for the taste. It’s enough to take only one bite from them because they will return to their nests and die within one day or so. This actually contaminates everything, starting with the eggs and even other cockroaches.

And don’t worry because this will stop the breeding process as well.

After all of them are dead, you should clean the area as soon as possible.

And even if the whole operation didn’t succeed, baits should be replaced every three months or as often as the label instructs.

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