Do you have any rules in mind when it comes to the perfect design for your bathroom?

Believe it or not, bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your house, but they’re usually underrated. You spend a lot of time there, taking a shower and singing from the top of your lungs, looking in the mirror while styling your hair or doing your skincare, and taking a relaxing bath after a long day.

Given the fact that the bathroom is so important in your daily routine, it’s no wonder that it has to look good and stylish. If you want to learn more about how to turn your boring bathroom into a sanctuary, this article is great for you.

Here are 8 rules to follow for the perfect bathroom design:

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1. Keep things simple 

Whether you have a big or a small bathroom, you surely already have all the things you need there. However, if there is not that much space to work with, but you’re still looking for a way to fit a tub, a separate shower, a twin sink, a bidet, a washing machine, and also a toilet, the best thing you can do is to take a break and think twice!

You can do all of those things only if the space allows you to do it. Otherwise, you’ll make the whole room feel crowded and overwhelming. If you can only fit a shower cabin or a bathtub, pick the one that is more useful.

Remember that your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and chill.

2. Let the natural light in

I can’t stress this enough, but I love me a bathroom that has big and wide windows so that natural light can get in at any time. Daylight is great for any bathroom, especially for those that are small, because it gives off the feeling of a bright, clear, and simple space.

…However, don’t worry if your bathroom doesn’t have any natural light in! We have a tip for you at no 6!

3. Choose a focal point

Many people choose to play it safe when it comes to the design of their bathroom, so they usually choose neutral colors such as white and cream. But if you want to make your space stand out more, you might need a focal point.

This means that you should pick something you like and focus all your attention on that thing. It can be a bold color, decorative tile, an impressive mirror, or some funky yet stylish furniture.

…Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t overdo it with details because when it comes to design, less is more! 

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4. Get a good mirror 

A bathroom is a space everyone in the house uses to get ready for their busy day or wind down before bed. Whether it’s doing their make-up or taking it off, washing their face, brushing their teeth, and so many other things, everyone uses the bathroom in the home.

The mirror can easily become the centerpiece of your bathroom, so you should pick one that fits your aesthetic and your design. You can choose a mirror that is in the shape of a rectangle, a circle, one with or without a frame, what color the frame should be, etc.

…When you pick your item, make sure you have an idea of what the whole room is going to look like, so it’s easier for you to make the right choice. 

5. Don’t forget about storage spaces 

I don’t know about you, but seeing so many things that are placed all over the bathroom, such as toiletries, makes me anxious. It doesn’t matter how often I used them, I prefer to have them hidden somewhere in a drawer. It looks better and it’s also easier to clean the dust.

The key in this situation is to think about what you want to store in the bathroom and then design the room accordingly. You can place some of your belongings in a cabinet, others in a drawer, and others in a mirrored cabinet.

6. Add artificial light 

I know that I’ve previously said something about how much I love bathrooms that have natural lighting, but let’s be honest here, some of them simply don’t have a window, so what is there left to do?

The only solution for this is to create a combination of ambient lighting and task, so you can give more life to your space. My favorite form of illumination is through light spots because they give you the ability to control the intensity.

…Proper artificial light will give your bathroom a stylish and classy look, so make sure you choose something you really enjoy! 

7. Pay attention to the details 

Believe it or not, even bathrooms that have the most expensive fixtures can end up looking crazy and weird if the items don’t go well together. This means that you should pay attention to several things, such as colors, the way the things fit, space, and so many other things.

For instance, you shouldn’t choose a glass shower screen that comes too close to the side of your vanity, because it’s going to be very difficult to clean the space between them.

Another thing many people do and regret later is putting tiles that stop halfway up a wall. It might look nice and stylish, but the bad thing is that there’s a horizontal ridge left and that will surely collect a lot of dust.

You can avoid this by putting tiles all over the wall or setting the face of the tile flush with the wall above by adding an additional coat of plasterboard above the tile before the skim coat of plaster.

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8. Make sure that everything is functional 

As we all know by now, a bathroom should fit all of your needs. This means that you should choose to design it in a way that fits your style, makes you happy and relaxed, but one that’s also easy to clean and use. All the things in your bathroom must be well-functioning, so you should never let style and aesthetics get in the way of function.

To better understand what I’m saying, let me ask you a question: do you know about the gossip on the Internet regarding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s sink?

When Kim gave a tour of her and her then-husband’s over-minimalistic house, there was one thing that made everyone confused: the sinks. If you think that objects like these are usually ignored, this wasn’t the case with the West family.

They had a double sink that many people associated with a concrete-looking slab that had a faucet and a pinhead-sized drain in lieu of a sink bowl. How is that sink supposed to function? Does the surface of the vanity itself have the ability to absorb the water?

When Kim noticed that she made a lot of people confused, she decided to do a bathroom tour on her Instagram stories and showed the way the sink functioned.

As it turned out, those sinks were actually designed by Kanye and they were completely functional. However, if you don’t have a few grand to spend on your bathroom sinks just for the aesthetic (because all sinks are functional), it’s best to choose something that is more affordable and ordinary.

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