Do you like the look of your kitchen? 

Reinventing pieces of furniture can be fun, especially if you find another purpose for them in the house.

If you want to put some creativity into the process, the restoration process will be fun for sure.

We bet you don’t know how many other things you can make from old kitchen cabinets!

What if I told you that you could make your own shoe storage from kitchen cabinets? Or a wine rack?

Keep on reading because trust me, you will find a lot of amazing ideas on how you can DIY your old furniture.

1. Coat Hook

This is such a brilliant idea! If you have an old kitchen cabinet that is pretty damaged, but its doors are still intact, then you can easily remove them for another purpose. How ’bout a coat hook?

You can transform an old door into a stylish one for your hallway.

All you have to do is personalize it a bit by adding a personal message, some nice pictures from your last trip, or even paint something cute if you are talented enough.

I am sure your friends will be jealous when they come over for dinner.

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2. Wall cabinet shoe storage bench

You can turn your old kitchen cabinets into a shoe storage bench for your hall in order to keep the muddy shoes off the floor.

Also, it’s pretty useful in any other room because nobody will know what’s inside, especially if you keep the doors.

And it’s so easy to make that you can have it done in an hour or so. Cool, right?

You can also use the top shelf for books or any other stuff that you’d like.

The upper kitchen cabinets work better for this particular DIY furniture design.

You can also repaint them in a different color to match the walls or the carpet. That’s up to you!

3. Kitchen island

Old base kitchen cabinets can be easily switched to an island. Especially if you have double doors.

A useful and handy item that’s missing is a wood board for the top of the cabinet and the other two pegs for support.

You can hang on some towels or even a glove. I can guarantee that your kitchen will look expensive but also pretty straightforward for your needs.

If you want to, you might add some wheels to move it from one place to another when it’s needed.

4. DIY built-in bed

This might need a bit more effort, but if you have the necessary tools, you’ll work it out. You can make a bed out of your old kitchen cabinets.

And it will look very neat! If you have a small bedroom and you want even more space for storage, then this is the solution.

You can use its cabinets to create even more room for the stuff you want, and it will be a perfect addition to a bedroom where your grandkids can come over during the summertime.

It can also be used as a wardrobe.

Would you DIY this built-in bed?

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5. Window seat

I honestly love window seats. This is basically the perfect spot where you can curl up with a book on a rainy day. That’s basically everybody’s dream.

And forget about buying a bench for this purpose only. You can turn your old kitchen cabinets into a comfortable place to sit and read or just relax.

The big bonus is that you can store things in it too. And if you are struggling with a small house, you know how much you need storage space.

Because boxes aren’t enough!

…Psst! You don’t have to be a professional carpenter to do this DIY piece of furniture.

You only need some old kitchen cabinets that are in good condition as well. You can change the color if you like. And buy some matching pillows for it too.

How far does your creativity go?

6. Stylish tray

Do you have an old kitchen cabinet which is pretty damaged but the doors are in very good condition? Then you can make a tray out of them.

Disassemble and paint them in whatever color you desire, and if you feel like drawing, you can do that too.

Maybe Art Nouveau is your favorite style. Or maybe Baroc defines you.

And if your talent has just run away from you, you can easily buy a vinyl self-adhesive with a floral design to cover the top with.

For a more practical purpose, you can attach some decorative handles to each end. I think it will look amazing!

7. Kitchen cabinet wine rack

Wines are everyone’s favorite when it comes to family gatherings or any other social events. Plus, it’s a nice gift to offer!

All you have to do is to add a pair of legs to a dated kitchen cabinet to make it stay without having to hang it. I usually like being creative, and I am all for changing things in my house.

If you want to feel like a furniture designer for one day, you can try to cut grooves into the shelves to give the wine bottles a fancier individual place to rest. Cool, right?

Do you have something like this in your living room? I bet it looks tremendous!

8. DIY craft desk

Are you a crafty person, and do you enjoy spending time making nice handmade gifts for your family and friends? Then you might need some space for that, maybe a whole room.

We come to your aid to tell you that you can make a craft DIY desk out of old kitchen cabinets.

You will also have plenty of storage space, and they won’t take up loads of space in the room.

This idea is great if you have some grandkids over for the summer, and each of them can have their own study space for homework.

It’s not hard to make, so in less than 2 days, you will have it done.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while working on this!

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9. Kitchen cabinet console table

You can either use it for the hallway or even your living room. And you can put two or three cabinets together to make a long table if you have the necessary space.

It will be a great place to keep your keys, umbrellas, or even raincoats. Do a repaint if they are too dated and look a bit rusty.

If you want, you can also stick some shoes at the bottom of the shelf.

10. Cabinet garage storage

When you have a garage, you think: I will have plenty of space for the things I don’t really use, but I don’t want to get rid of.

We’ve got you covered if you decide to transform your old kitchen cabinets into fantastic storage.

It’s either you leave them on the floor, or you decide to hang them on the walls. And you don’t have to exert much effort except for the fact that you will move them to your garage.

If you don’t have some dated cabinets, then you can check a thrift store. You will get an entire set at a very friendly price.


We hope we gave you plenty of ideas to work with your old-fashioned kitchen cabinets and turn them into something fancy and nice!

Old furniture might have better quality compared to new ones, so you might want to think twice before throwing it away.

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