Are you happy with your garden? Or are you trying to change something about it constantly?

If you have a tiny backyard and you plan on growing some plants, you might feel the need to check them constantly or even spend time doing things that you shouldn’t do.

That’s why you can make a plan yearly, depending on what you have in mind to grow in your garden.

It’s important to have everything written down about the blooming season or the harvest.

How often do you change your tools?

Keep on reading to find out more details about things that you spend less time worrying about.

1. Tilling the non-productive parts of the garden

A long time ago, I had the habit of tiling almost every large area in my garden.

And I discovered it was a mistake.

This is only wasting time on things that are not really important.

Specialists say that excessive tiling in order to eliminate unnecessary grass is not worth doing.

Concentrate on the spots where you actually have plants to save time and energy.

There is no good reason to dig up your garden every year.

And while you are trying to get rid of the unnecessary grass, it will grow even more.

By digging, you will ruin an important microbiome from the soil. And this is mandatory for having healthy plants during the summer.

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2. Watering more than required

A lot of people are making this mistake. Even if you find this activity pleasant, your plants might have another opinion.

And if you do it very often, you might harm them instead of actually helping them.

The first reason you shouldn’t do this so frequently is that oversaturating the soil will actually suppress the weeds.

The second is that plants require water to stay hydrated, and if you give them too much, they may become ill and die. You don’t want that, right?

You don’t know how to water them properly? No problem.

Read about each of them and then write everything down in an agenda. Or stick the note in some visible place.

3. Mowing

Wait… how often do you do this activity?

We included mowing the lawn in the list of time-wasting activities that you shouldn’t do that often.

Because many people spend a significant amount of time doing this painful in the neck activity twice a summer.

And it’s not even mandatory!

It’s safer to keep a garden in its natural state. This will attract bees and other insects that are really helpful for your lawn.

Specialists say that mowing the lawn is an activity that needs to be done once every 10 weeks.

4. Over pruning bushes

It’s a weed, so it’s supposed to grow weirdly. That’s why trying to control the shape of the bushes might be a mistake.

What can you do instead of trimming it excessively?

Find some plants that have a tightly packed growing habit to help you save time from trimming them.

TIP: Did you know that neem is a natural pesticide? You can keep it close in case you need it for your garden. Plus, it’s harmless for the environment.

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5. Poor planning

Do you have a plan regarding everything you want to do in your garden this year?

Believe it or not, this is the biggest time saver! If you plan on growing vegetables, then you should plant them near your kitchen door.

The same goes for herbs. They are easy to plant in some special containers.

Why would you want to keep them that close? Because nobody wants to run around searching for the onions or carrots.

That’s why it’s better to keep them well organized. You can also put together a list of vegetables that need to be watered more often than others.

Create easy access to the vegetables you enjoy eating the most.

6. Don’t grow exotic plants that are not suitable for the climate

A lot of people tend to buy certain plants that are exotic and require a lot of time to take care of. This is such a big mistake.

Why don’t you concentrate on those who are actually suitable for the climate conditions of your town?

7. Trying to modify the basic nature of soil

It depends on the area you are located in. Soil can change its texture.

For example, if your garden is close to wood, it will usually have an acidic soil. If you happen to live in an area with limestone, your soil is going to be alkaline.

Specialists recommend growing plants that are suitable for that type of soil instead of wasting time trying to make a proper one for them.

Because if you make a lot of amendments, you run the risk of changing the soil’s nature.

This may be harmful to some plant species!

8. Growing annuals more than the perennials

It’s mandatory to grow seasonal plants, but you need to do it with self-control, especially if you are a busy person.

Annuals typically grow much faster than other plants and must be reseeded every year in order to bloom.

But this is not the case with perennials. Because they require less daily attention and can easily regrow each season.

Be wise and put these things in balance.

Are you a busy person? If the answer is yes, then perennials are the best plants for your garden.

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9. Overfeeding your plants

Did you know that if you overfeed your plants, you might hurt them? No joke!

For their own safety, it’s better to give them good fertilizer and water to hydrate. You don’t want to waste your time overdosing them with stuff that they don’t actually need.

Each plant has its own way of growing, and if it happens naturally, it is for the best.

Are you aware of what your plants need?

10. Pulling out all the crops at the end of the season

At the end of the fall, it’s necessary to clean up your garden. But you don’t need to pull up every crop and then add it to the garbage compost pile.

This is a waste of time! Don’t let gardening become a burden!

You can remove the top growth if it’s mandatory and leave their roots spoiling in the ground.

This way is the best one to keep your garden healthy, and your soil will have the necessary nutrients.


Gardening is no joke, but for some of us, it is actually fun. It is quick and easy to do, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands.

But most of the time, we spend on worthless things like digging, weeding, or even watering too often. If you happen to leave town for a couple of days, what are your chances of being super worried about your garden?

Because sometimes, this is a chore, and we might feel guilty if we don’t take enough care of our plants.

Try to spend your time wisely while still enjoying seeing your garden grow. Don’t be lazy, but don’t overdo the work.

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