Have you ever wondered if your choice of a scented candle is the one that your whole state loves?

The truth is that there is a high chance that your favorite candle scent is actually something that you take from your state. And while it is virtually impossible for everyone in one state to have the same favorite scent, it doesn’t mean that a wide majority of people from the same state aren’t enjoying the same one, which will make them the majority.

And let’s be honest, when you buy a scented candle for your room, you sometimes end up buying way more than one, and even if you’re up for trying some new scents, there comes a time when you know which one you are going to get. And that’s perfectly fine! Some people even end up picking up candle-making as a hobby, especially after retirement, both out of love for the craft and also for the scents!

We are extremely curious, so we looked into what the most popular smells are and discovered that there is actually a study about this. The study looked at what were the most sought-after candle scents based on the search history documented by search engines. And this is how we found out that 34 states share one of the nine most popular scents across the United States, while the rest have stand-alone ones!

The true question is: does your favorite scent align with your state? Let us know below!

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Fresh scent! Peppermint

If you thought the first entry on our list would be something else, you were definitely wrong. And while we all know that Bath and Body Works has an impressive collection of candles with various scents, the mint and peppermint ones were never as prevalent as the other sweeter ones.

However, when compared to the ten honorable mentions, this scent ended up gathering two votes from the states of Maryland and Ohio! And while we cannot sit here and say it’s a common candle scent, we understand that there is something comforting about the strong, refreshing smell of mint.

Floral smells

There are eight states that ended up preferring the fresh and sweet scent of flowers, and truly, can we blame them? There’s something relaxing about being able to live with the spring and summer scents of blooming flowers, along with the benefit that some of them are helpful in building a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the house.

What is interesting is that out of all these eight states, there are actually only three scents that make up their favorite candles. The scent that fascinated Texas and New York was gardenia. While roses have a strong grip on Louisiana, Oregon, and Nevada. But which relaxing scent was the one that took over our next three states? You’ve probably already guessed it, but the perennial, aromatic lavender is the favorite scent of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

And truly, what surprises us is that none of these are higher on the list, despite two of them ranking among the ones that gathered votes from three states!

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And when you think about the beach it’s impossible to not have a few scents in mind: the sea, the beach, sunscreen, and the ever-so-present coconut. It may be because we associate this scent with summer and vacation, but there is something extremely pleasant when it comes to the sweet coconut smell!

And this is why two states ended up loving it as much as we all love a good tropical vacation, yet it may surprise you which states these are: Arizona and Alabama! Yes, it isn’t Hawaii and nor is it Florida, which are the two states which come to mind when we think beach vacation (probably due to stereotyping). And while Alabama has some claim to the ocean, Arizona is probably just dreaming of a very good beach vacation.


Depending on the type of citrus, there are mixed votes, as there are two different entries in the top nine categories! Because, with two states under its belt, the combined scents of all citrus captured the hearts of Florida and Washington. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Floridians out there. After all, it is the leading state when it comes to orange production!

The other entry in the citrus category is lemon, a good bright scent that definitely wakes you up. And it beats out citrus with only one vote, but the states of Massachusetts, Missouri, and Tennessee cannot have enough of it. In the end, we cannot blame any of these states for their choice of candle scent: when you need a pick-me-up, lighting up a lemon or citrus candle is bound to put you in a good mood.


Vanilla comes in a close second place as the most popular candle scent. And if any of you were surprised, you have to rethink that notion as vanilla happens to be America’s most popular flavor. From milkshakes to baked goods, apparently, nothing beats a good vanilla flavor. And while we also enjoy other flavors, we cannot deny that there’s something comforting and complex about vanilla.

And this is exactly why eight states have ended up with vanilla as their most popular candle scent. They are Connecticut, California, Indiana, Colorado, Nebraska, South Carolina, Kansas, and Virginia. And if we look at how many other types of candles also have combinations with vanilla, it makes sense why it is so sought after.

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The supreme candle scent: Pumpkin!

This one may just be a surprise that none of us expected but believe us, according to the study and the research, this is the scent that reigns as the one that is the most sought after. This is because the pumpkin candles end up captivating the hearts of nine states, making it the most popular scent out of all of them!

The states where this is the preferred candle are Arkansas, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Maine, New Mexico, Delaware, Mississippi,   and West Virginia. And while it may come as a surprise, when you stop to think about it more carefully, it makes sense that they are fascinated by these candles: all these states know the importance of fall. And with the amazing views they get as the season rolls around, it would be sad if they didn’t appreciate it.

Or maybe it is just how important pumpkin picking actually is to them! Not to mention, a lot of the Northeast states end up with patches full of pumpkins for the fall festival, and it’s no surprise that Delaware and Rhode Island are between them.

Honorable mentions

While we did present the most popular scents, which were gathered from two, three, eight, and nine respective votes from the states, we know that you’re curious to know which are the other ones that haven’t been mentioned. The ones that seem to be extremely popular only in one particular scent.

These candles are Frasier fir, mahogany teakwood, cranberry, cotton, blue volcano, cedar, cookie, maple, balsam, and tobacco! And chances are that your favorite might not be among these ones either, as we all have different tastes. All we know is that our favorite candle hasn’t been present among any of these, popular or not.

What about your favorite scent?

And if you’re looking for ways in which you can make sure your home will always smell amazing, find out all the best tricks to get rid of bad odors here!

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