Have you ever wondered if you could change the way your home looks with a simple DIY?

Yes, it is possible to make some major changes with the help of easy DIYs, and they are not guaranteed to break the bank either. And if we are all honest, sometimes certain rooms would benefit from a little improvement, or even if a space needs something new because it has become a bit boring. Perhaps you want a new pattern, or you’ve decided that instead of relying on decorations, you’ll improve your home yourself.

And while this is admirable, there’s no need to stress over whether it will succeed just because you don’t have a big budget. There are a ton of home projects you can start that will not only be quite easy and anyone can do them, but they will also not break the bank. We gathered some of the best DIY projects that will bring you the major change you desire, but they will be inexpensive and easy enough that you can do them with a loved one and a few tools!

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#1 Stencil your bathroom

Let’s be honest! Not all of us have the patience to sit and DIY a whole room with wallpaper. For as much as it isn’t that hard, it can still get a bit messy and you have to make sure the edges meet perfectly, not to mention having to match the pattern up when a roll finishes in the middle. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it can’t be tedious.

This is why you should give stenciling a try! Not only is it much easier than putting up waterproof wallpaper in your bathroom, but it will also not run the risk of peeling off in the corners. You just have to get a stencil or make one yourself from a number of sheets of paper and then pick up your paint; you’re going to be done faster than you think.

Not to mention it’s cheaper and you can always paint over it if you no longer like it! A 100% customizable look!

#2 Hate the popcorn ceiling in your room? Cover it up with tongue and groove!

This one may be a little bit over $100, but when it comes to redoing your ceiling, it’s still a lot less inexpensive than getting a whole team of builders to do it. This amazing DIY project will help you get rid of that annoying, outdated, and textured ceiling without having to go through the problem of redecorating everything and creating a whole mess.

And even if you don’t have a popcorn ceiling, adding a tongue and groove to any ceiling will give the room a lot more personality, and you can customize the color after you install everything: be it that you paint it the same color as your trim or walls, or you decide to stain it gray or brown for a more old-school look, it will look amazing!

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#3 A fan of colorful doors? Paint it yourself!

Do you want to increase the curb appeal of your house? Or maybe you’re bored of the way your front door looks and want to revamp it a little. Whatever your reason would be, be it aesthetic or just because you want to personalize things a little bit more to make your house even more like yourself, you can never go wrong with a few coats of fresh paint.

Not only can you do this DIY with a few cans of paint, but it’s virtually impossible to mess up, and if that somehow happens, you can fix it easily, and cleaning them up is also easy. For a new look, there’s no need to replace all the perfectly good doors in your house. Just paint them! The same goes for your windows if you want to go for a matching look!

We’re pretty fond of the all black doors and windows we’ve been seeing recently, though any color you fancy will definitely do the trick!

#4 Spice up your pathway easily with some solar lights!

You don’t always have to do a lot or anything super complicated in order for it to yield amazing results, or for it to count as a DIY problem. Whatever you do yourself counts as a personal project, and you can definitely do whatever you want.

And when you want to spruce up your pathway, driveway, or garden, you don’t have to end up seeing how you put up garlands and fancy hedges or anything of the sort. You can just go to a hardware and garden store and pick up some solar lights to light your pathways! You can even find them online if you want more fun lights and ways to light up the path.

They’re easy to install, they’re solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about how you will bring electricity to them and what happens if it rains, and they’re extremely affordable! Believe us, for under $100, you will be set with an amazing light arrangement!

Image By bialasiewicz From Envato Elements

#5 Bored of your room? DIY an accent wall!

Despite talking about how wallpaper can end up causing you some headaches in other rooms other than the bathroom or kitchen, it’s actually an amazing idea to customize your spaces. Not to mention, there are tons of new options that are way less complicated or messy than they were back in the 80s (the mess in our kitchen wasn’t worth it back then).

You can get some peel and stick wallpaper and then turn any wall in your chosen room into something way more fun and exciting! An accent wall will give your space a brand new feeling, and this method is the cheapest and least messy of all of them! Believe us, you won’t regret it! And if you get bored of it, you can just peel it off and change it on a weekend afternoon!

#6 Or give the feature wall a try!

Or if you want something more challenging, you can end up making a feature wall! Something like the accent wall, but combining some techniques and generally, it will end up taking you a bit more time to finish. But it is just as cheap and not at all complicated!

It’s just a bit more advanced of a DIY project when compared to others! You can combine the peel and stick wallpaper with other items like a board and batten, or you can skip the wallpaper entirely and use the stencil method we discussed earlier.

You can pick and choose any combination that works for you, and it’s going to turn out amazing as long as you have the patience to do this DIY project correctly; that way, you won’t waste time or money on materials (even if they’re just $100).

Image By Patryk Kosmider From Shutterstock

#7 Give your doors a new look with wallpaper! 

We’re not done with wallpaper yet, though! If DIY-ing a whole room, even partially, like for a feature wall, still sounds daunting and if painting a door sounds too messy, why not combine them instead? You could easily decorate indoor doors with wallpaper.

Just cut the wallpaper to fit inside the door panels, and the rest of the door with the rails and stiles will act like a frame! And it would work for all other types of doors too. Just use your imagination as you DIY this project!

#8 Not enough storage space? How about a doorway display?

It’s the easiest way to DIY, and you can utilize all the space around your house without needing a ton of added furniture. We tend to forget that there is space on top of our doorways, and unless you have a clock above the door in every room in your house, chances are you haven’t used that space.

You can spend a few bucks on a sturdy shelf and then easily install it above your door. After that, you can paint it to match the trim or the accent wall in your room, or just leave it a natural wood color and use it for display or storage. You can put pottery on it, other dinnerware you don’t use that often, books, or even decorations you get while traveling.

This DIY project is the definition of easy, cheap, and useful!

And if you haven’t had enough of DIY projects, you can check out some amazing planters that you can definitely make yourself to give your garden or porch a whole new look!

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