Are you looking for some furniture makeover ideas?

Most of us have used up, old pieces of furniture somewhere hidden from sight waiting for the day when we decide to get rid of everything old from our houses. It must have happened to you as well. After throwing out old furniture, the next and the handiest step would be to get new pieces from Ikea. Or from another retail store. But what if I tell you that there’s a way to bring the luster back into your favorite reading chair and even into your old windows?

They can actually be restored in such a way that your furniture makeover ideas fit a new home design. It simply depends on your creativity, imagination, crafting skills, and budget allowance.

You can even do that along with your family, as a fun activity. It’s less expensive and promotes environmental awareness. Plus, doing this guarantees you that there won’t be any other houses like yours.

Here are 8 stunning DIY furniture makeover ideas, so let the fun begin!

Furniture makeover ideas - sewing machine
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1. Old Sewing Machine in the Past, Vanity Table now

Never underestimate an old Singer sewing machine. It can be a statement centerpiece that can spice up any type of room. So why leave it in a dusty place when you can add a mirror and paint it?

By doing this, you’ll have an original vanity table where you’ll be able to do your makeup and skincare routines. You can even keep your jewelry inside its small drawers.

Choose an eye-catching color such as green or gold if you want to go crazy. And if you don’t, you can paint your old sewing machine in a neutral color like beige, grey or even black!

2. Old Window Shutter in the Past, Mail Organizer Now

If you have a thing for old and used things that other people throw away, then you’ll definitely love scavenging while visiting a few garage sales. You may find some wonderful items there that are waiting for someone to revive them. Next time you stop by a garage sale, get one window shutter and some paint. All you have to do is to take some time to turn this apparently boring, uninteresting item into a charming mail organizer.

This way you can keep your bills and printed mail neatly organized AND you’ll also have a great piece of décor. Even if you don’t have any furniture makeover ideas, going to a garage sale will inspire you for sure.

3. Mirror Décor

Mirrors can have more than one purpose. They are necessary tools that help with everyday preparation and makeup. While a mirror is a must-have item in the bathroom, a lot of people own more than one in their homes.

A mirror also helps a room look bigger by visually enlarging the space. On top of that, they increase a room’s lighting bringing in more natural light. And last but not least, they make a statement. A large mirror can definitely be a room’s focal point, especially if you’re the one who painted it.

You can paint it as you feel and like or you can simply find some inspiration online.

Furniture makeover ideas - old suitcases
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4. Old Suitcases in the Past, Nightstand Now

Do you keep your old suitcases in your attic or garage until you can find the perfect time to get rid of them? It’s time for you to reconsider because I have a better suggestion. Some furniture makeover ideas may require indeed glue, welding, and who knows what. But this time you can forget about these steps since old suitcases only need a good wiping to make sure all the dust is gone.

After this, you just have to stack them one on top of the other and voilà, you have your own nightstand.

In case you don’t have any old suitcases, you can find them at your local flea market or vintage store.

5. Old Coffee Tables in the Past, Shelves Now

Short and small coffee tables don’t suit everyone’s taste. If you’re not a fan of them either and you already have one stored somewhere in your house, now is the time to give it a new purpose. But before actually doing this, you need to get several more from your local garage sale or your parents or grandparents.

Some furniture makeover ideas require several craft skills and now it’s time for you to exploit yours! Once you have your old coffee tables, you need to cut them in half and make a shelving system. That’s only an idea, there are many others you can also try.

You may need this multi-tool to easily and safely cut wood.

6. Transportable Kitchen Island

This one is perfect for those who are willing to try some inventive furniture makeover ideas! If you enjoy cooking and drinking wine and having an overall pleasant atmosphere, then you may love owning a multi-purpose portable kitchen island in your house.

Next time you go to a flea market, look for two old window shutters (they don’t have to look the same, only to have similar sizes). After this, you can either do the job by yourself or have someone else who cuts, pre-drills and drills the wood and adds the wheels for you.

You have to admit it, this idea is pretty original. I mean, you don’t see this type of home furniture very often where you can store your cooking books, drinks and other kitchen items.

Furniture Makeover ideas
Photo by Lyudmila Mikhailovskaya from Shutterstock

7. Traveler-Themed Furniture

Everyone has some favorite themes, especially if they bring some significance to our lives. If you love traveling, then you may also enjoy having traveler-themed furniture in your house. Not only will you incorporate your enthusiasm for travel into your home style, but you’ll also have eye-catching items both your family and friends will appreciate.

You can have a nice memento of the countries you’ve been to by combining some decoupage and simple painting skills. You don’t have to be a talented painter for this, trust me.

No matter if it’s a coffee table or a sideboard, your piece of furniture will bring that “travel” feel into your home. Also, if you’ve got more furniture makeover ideas that are related to other themes, you can go for it!

8. Coffee Table For Book Lovers

There are times when you spot a nice piece in your favorite furniture store, but you can’t purchase it for the simple reason that it doesn’t quite fit the room design. It can be the edges, the color, the detail, or just something you can’t exactly put your finger on.

This happens pretty often among folks who are always looking for some great new furniture makeover ideas. A table like this opens up another door of both innovation and imagination and is easily adaptable to any other theme.

You need enough old hardcover books and a round table top (made out of wood or glass, it’s your choice). Pile the books one on top of another making sure you put double-sided adhesive tape between them. Or you can stick the books together using wood glue. Next, use the same glue to attach the table top to the last book added (if you have a glass table top, keep in mind that the glue will be noticeable).

You can even collect some old action figures for boys; or stuffed animals for the kids’ room. There are countless possibilities out there and they mostly depend on the style of the room.

Besides furniture makeover ideas, you may also be looking for living room makeovers.

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