What colors are you planning on painting your shutters?

They might not seem very important, but the color of your window shutters can tell a lot about your house, and they should match the color scheme of your home’s exterior.

Designers say that the majority of exterior color palettes use three colors. The base color, which covers the majority of the outside walls, takes up the most space. The second is the trim color, which is typically white or cream, though Tudor and Victorian homes have dark trim.

There are some homeowners who are on the more creative side, and they like to play around with their exterior color scheme, looking for ways to make their home more beautiful and eye-catching. Finally, the third color on the scheme is the accent one, which is expressed by the color of your doors, shutters, and other small details.

Even though the color of your shutters might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to the design of your home, you shouldn’t neglect it because it can make your house pop.

Now that you know why this detail is such a huge deal, it’s time to talk more in-depth about this topic. With that being said, here are the best 10 colors to paint your shutters.

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1. Navy Blue Shutters

Navy blue ones are great if you want your house to look put together, classy, and stylish while staying away from black. If your house has stone or tan siding, this deep blue color will make it stand out more.

There are also other exterior colors that work well with navy blue shutters, such as off-white, red brick, yellow, cream, grey, light blue, and even natural cedar shakes.

2. Dark Brown Shutters

Somehow an earthy color, the dark brown variety is a classic! They are pretty common, and they’re usually picked by homeowners who like more neutral and earthy tones. They can make every home look refined and polished, and a color like this works impeccably with several shades of olive green, mocha, dark red, and light grey.

If the exterior of your home is made out of brown brick, stucco, or stone, dark brown shutters should be on top of your list!

3. Blue Shutters

I don’t know about you, but blue shutters make me think of Greece and the Mediterranean decorating style, which I absolutely adore! Many people prefer to paint their screens in a playful and pretty blue color that is grounding and calming, but less serious compared to navy.

This color is very suitable for a large variety of home exteriors. Think of it as your favorite pair of blue jeans: they work well with almost anything, so they easily become your go-to!

The medium blue ones pair well with exterior colors such as grey, red, cream, white, and even yellow (if you want to give your house a warm feeling and a playful vibe).

If the medium is too intense for you, but you are crazy about blue, don’t worry! Powder blue is very chic, and it works well with white, grey, off-white, and tan stone as well!

4. Purple Shutters

Make your house look polished, elegant, and mysterious by painting your shutters in a rich purple color! Trust us, your home will easily become a head turner!

If you’re looking for a bold decision while also maintaining a classy and versatile exterior pallet, you should go for a darker shade of purple, such as plum. Besides that, they go very well with stone, tan, deep green, stucco, cream, grey, and olive.

But if you don’t want your house to be so serious, you can lean towards lighter shades of purple, such as violet or periwinkle, especially if your exterior is in a warm neutral color, such as cream or tan.

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5. Black Shutters

…This one’s classy, timeless, and traditional!

Whenever you have no idea what colors to paint your screens so it can work with everything else, black should be your go-to! This classic touch can add a bit of elegance to everything, and it compliments stone, brick, and stucco very beautifully.

Black shutters are for your house what a little black dress is for you: they look good, and they are flattering every time, in every context.

…Would you paint your shutters in black or do you think it won’t go well with your house? Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment in the section down below!

6. Red Shutters

Are you looking for something bold, classic, and vibrant to revigorate the way your house’s exterior’s looking? You should paint your screens red! Many homeowners like a pop of color, so they like to have red doors. Oftentimes, they don’t stop there, and they want their shutters to match!

However, you should pay attention to the shade because not all of them work well with certain home exteriors. If you want the bright red ones, for instance, you should know that this shade looks good if your exterior is white, stucco, cream, blue, pale yellow, tan stone, brick, or grey. Dark red shutters are more classy and stylish, and they work well with all of the shades previously mentioned, in addition to deeper colors such as brown, olive, and navy.

…Do you prefer dark or light red colors? Tell us in the comments down below!

7. Grey Shutters

…50 shades of classiness and modern looks! 

Grey shutters are a good option if you want to give your house a more modern look without turning it into something too “trendy” that fades away quickly. Both light and grey screens play nicely with a different bunch of colors, from light neutrals such as taupe, white, and cream, to blue, stone, brick, and stucco.

…Would you paint your blinds grey?

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8. Green Shutters

Green is a popular and very beautiful color, and there are many homeowners who look for the perfect shade of it to paint their screens. The majority of times, the lucky shades are hunter green and Charleston green due to the fact that they are more tranquil and verdant.

These shades we’ve previously mentioned have been popular since colonial times, making everything look traditional while also giving it a modern and natural vibe.

If you want to bring the woods closer to your home, you can paint your shutters in a beautiful dark green shade, which will look absolutely marvelous on brick, white, brown, tan, grey, and even yellow. Moreover, they will give a vibrant pop of color to stucco and stone. Whether you lean towards darker shades of green or lighter ones, such as sage, you shouldn’t stay away from this gorgeous color!

9. Earth-Tone Shutters

Earth-tone screens, such as natural wood, tan, and olive, are very versatile, and they look very good on the majority of houses. Lighter shades of shutters provide a similar window-enlarging effect as the white ones, but without being too harsh, while darker tones look more classy, and they’re a great alternative to grey and black.

If you pair lighter shades with other earth tones, such as olive, deep green, brown, and rusty reddish-orange, earth-tone screens it will look absolutely stunning.

10. White Shutters

This might be basic, but white shutters can make your house look bigger, cleaner, brighter, and fresher! They are very popular among black screens, and they work well with every color your exterior might be.

If your windows are already white and you choose to paint your screens in the same color, you’ll give off the impression that your windows look bigger than they actually are.

White shutters look incredible with stone and wood shakes, but they are a safe bet for anyone who wants something simple, nice, and put together!

…What colors are your shutters?  Tell us in the comments down below, because we’re very curious to know! 

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