Did you know that certain things are not OK to be cleaned with dish soap? 

We tend to use dish soap for many things, besides the dishes. And that may be a bad idea since it can damage them more than clean them. We do that because it’s cheaper than other detergents. Plus it’s usually located in the kitchen and it’s easier to grab, especially if you are in a hurry to get things done quickly.

Of course, it is a great multitasker, but that doesn’t mean you can use it for anything.

What is the difference between dish soap and dish detergent? Soap enfolds dirt and oil so they can be easily washed at any temperature. Detergents, on the other hand, can actually break up the dirt so it won’t settle again. And some detergents are actually too rough for some materials.

Keep on reading to find out what you can’t clean with dish soap.

1. The coffee pot

In this case, dish soap can leave some residue inside the pot after washing it. And it could be pretty hard to remove it with just a simple rinse. And if you insist on cleaning “better,” it might deteriorate the finish of the pot. And besides that, nobody wants their coffee to have a soapy taste, right? It might be best if you avoid soap when you are cleaning the coffee pot.

Over time, all the scrubbing can remove the coffee’s essential oils, which actually makes the coffee better and more tasty.

2. Hardwood floors

Of course, you should clean them more frequently because if it’s wood, it needs protection. Plus, it’s easily scratchable. In order to clean them the right way, start by vacuuming to remove sand and grit, and then, with a wet mop, gently wash them.

But be careful because it’s very important to choose the right cleanser that is made exclusively for wood flooring.

Some things are not meant to be cleaned with dish soap, and hardwood floors are definitely one of them.

3. The washing machine

Imagine the mess after using dish soap in the washing machine. Just like in the dish washer, you will have some foamy fun if you put dish soap in the washing machine. It is definitely a no! More foam doesn’t mean your clothes will be cleaner because the formula is not powerful enough to clean them properly.

Use a proper washing machine detergent and add some softener for a nice perfume. Just be careful and wash the clothes exactly as specified on the label.

TIP: Don’t mix the dish soap with other types of cleansers like ammonia or bleach! 

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4. Your dog

Without doubt, this should be common sense. Even if you are dealing with a smelly pooch, you still don’t need to use dish soap on its fur. It’s not even safe for them. Regular dish soap is pretty harmful for them simply because it’s made of a lot of toxic things. Animals have the habit of licking themselves, and the residues can end up in their stomachs and harm them.

Using your usual shampoo is not a good idea either since its formula is only for your pH level and it could irritate your dog’s skin. The same rule applies to cats!

There are plenty of nice-smelling shampoos specially created for dogs which are not that expensive. It’s better if you buy them from the vet. They will definitely know what to recommend.

5. Your hair

This is something that should be forbidden in the first place, and nobody would ever try to use dish soap on their scalp. Dish soap is a great solution for greasy dishes or pots, but it is not recommended for your hair. Because it will strip away all of its essential oils, and these are basically critical for the beauty of your hair.

In case you didn’t know, dish soap contains a lot of salt, and that will dry your hair and then the scalp will become irritated. This can lead to dermatitis. Be careful!

6. Leather

You were so proud when you first bought that awesome leather jacket, right? Then don’t ruin it with dish soap! Leather is a delicate product and can be destroyed. Like your skin, leather clothing needs a moisturizing cream to keep it soft for a long time. This applies to purses or car seats as well. And because of the pressure, they can easily crack.

Make sure you maintain the leather properly with specific products!

If your sneakers are a bit dirty, you can clean them with dish soap. It’s actually recommended, especially on kids’ shoes, which we all know they can become pretty ugly after a long playing day.

7. Your plants

If the dish soap is harmful to your scalp, imagine how it would destroy your plant’s leaves. This won’t replace the insecticidal soap for 2 reasons: it’s way too harsh for your plants and it won’t do a good job of warding off pests either. The internet is a wonder for sure, and it’s full of DIY recipes for insecticidal soaps, and, of course, they are friendly for your budget and won’t leave marks on the plants.

If DIY is not working out for you, you can easily buy one from Amazon since there are plenty of insecticidal sprays.

8. Your fruit or vegetables

After the coronavirus strike, we want to keep everything clean. Especially with what we touch or eat. But when it comes to vegetables and fruits, it’s better to wash them with water only, but if you want to be sure you disinfect them properly, you can also use baking soda.

As tempting as it may look, don’t wash them with dish soap! They have a lot of pores, and the dish soap can get trapped inside.

And we don’t want to have a soapy snack, right? This can lead to a ton of other complications, like gastrointestinal issues or nausea, if you end up consuming the dish soap by any chance.

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9. Windows and mirrors

Dish soap will definitely remove the dirt from your windows or from your mirrors, but it will be very hard to remove the streaks it leaves behind on them. That’s why a lot of professionals recommend using a mixture that is made for cleaning them.

A lot of budget-friendly products can easily be found on Amazon, and we guarantee that the end results will be satisfying for sure.

10. Cast-iron frying pan

If I only knew… There was a time when I used to clean all my dirty dishes with dish soap. And it was a big mistake, of course, because I ruined a lot of items. including my cast-iron frying pan. Experts say that before making any use of it, you need to spend time infusing it with oil to create a slick and non-sticky surface.

Over time, that finish, which is called seasoning, can be ruined if you wash it with dish soap.

You can clean it with just a scrubber and some water, and if you add a soapy scrub, make sure you use an eco-friendly one because it’s less effective at removing oil.

Your frying pan will thank you if you treat it properly. Because you want to cook more French fries in it, right?

11. Your car

A lot of people are using dish soap for their cars, which is not really a good idea, even if it’s cheaper. Auto painting can withstand rain, road ice, and other chemicals. But dish soap will definitely ruin it. Typically, they remove the car’s protective coating, leaving it bare and prone to oxidation.

To properly wash your car, just wait for a cloudy, cool day and lather up with a specific cleanser. Rinse your car’s exterior and then dry it with a cloth.

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