Cleaning is a mandatory task in the day-to-day life of everybody. The mental and physical benefit that comes along with it has made this activity absolutely essential for our lives.

Having a clean environment is equal to having a happier brain, and everybody knows that. If your house is clean, you will be in the mood to carry out any other crucial activity you need in order to achieve success.

It will also help you gain clarity, focus, and think right. But when our home is simply in a messy state, the story shifts, and everything that’s supposed to go smoothly and positively, will only go down.

Every one of us wants to have a clean home and keep it clean as much as possible. However, even if there are endless benefits to having a clean environment, the tasks that imply it are no piece of cake.

But people out there are getting better and better at it, and we’re here to learn. If you always thought cleaning is too difficult a task and time-consuming, you probably still need to know a couple of tricks. And we are here to deliver!

cleaning hacks
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Wall spot magic cleaner

This is an extremely cost-efficient and strong cleaning hack, that you can easily use to clean out those spots on the wall INSTANTLY. We basically only need some baking soda, and a sponge to get rid of fringed prints, or even grease spots.

I know what you’re thinking…how do you get it done, right? Put a sprinkle of baking soda on one of your palms, and then pick the damp sponge with the second hand, then start tapping the edge of the damp sponge on the baking soda gently, so you can have a bit of baking soda attached to the edge of the sponge.

Once you’ve done this, you can carefully rub the area with a spot on the wall. We would recommend you do it in a circular motion, and then follow it up, by simply wiping the spot off with a damp cloth.

Dawn miracle cleaner

If you’re constantly worried about all kinds of stains in your laundry that don’t seem to ever go away when cleaning, worry no more, we got you covered! Have you ever tried the dawn miracle cleaner?

It’s basically a DIY product that has two-part hydrogen peroxide and one part dawn or any other dish soap. What does it mean? If you want to make this magical dawn cleaner, here’s what you’ll do: mix a certain quantity of dish soap with hydrogen peroxide, which is twice the quantity of dish soap you want to use.

This implies that if you use two spoonfuls of dish soap, you will have to add four spoons of hydrogen peroxide to make this miracle cleaner.

You can use it when you have a stain that doesn’t seem to go away. Or, if the stain is too large and wide, you can soak the cloth in a bucket of hot water, that’s mixed with the miracle recipe.

Gold and jewelry cleaner

If you’re a hand cream lover, then you probably noticed already that after quite some time, your gold, silver, or other precious stones ring will start to get dull and lack the original shine.

If you want to solve this, fill half a cup of rubbing alcohol and a teaspoon of dish soap. Then, stir the mixture thoroughly and place the stone jewelry inside that mixture, and just leave it in the solution.

After just a couple of minutes, take out the jewelry and scrub with a cleaning brush very gently, rinse and then dry. You will be fascinated by the sparkle of your jewelry.

Baseboard Cleaner

In case you like to use dryer sheets, you really don’t have to throw them out right away after every use. You can still use them on something else, such as cleaning your baseboard.

When you finished using a dryer sheet, it has a much better purpose: to attract the dust and clean your baseboard. All you need is to wipe with your dryer sheet and discard the sheet with the dust that’s been collected from your baseboard.

This way, you will have used one time for two purposes.

Shoe noise prevention while cleaning

When your shoes are dirty, the best thing you can do is to machine wash them. However, during this cleaning process, the rolling of the shoes inside your machine might make quite the noise.

The situation is even worse when you want to dry your shoes. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have a way of preventing the noise when you dry them?

A great way to do that is to place your shoes in a delicate bag, and hang a part of the bag outside the door, while the remaining parts will stay inside the dryer, then close the door. This way, you’ll prevent the noise that’s been caused by your shoes!

cleaning hack
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Essential oil combo

This is an amazing hack if you have smelly shoes. If your shoes are stinky because of different odors caused by the inability of your feet to breathe, you don’t have to feel bad about it!

Try applying this shoe cleaning secret, and everything will be ok. Take a small size cotton bud, and then add ten drops of your favorite essential oil.

Then, place the cotton bud inside your shoes and leave them there overnight. When you remove the cotton bud the following morning, your shoes will smell of essential oil.

Vinegar laundry booster

If you use vinegar as a laundry booster, this will only help your detergent to work better. You might wonder how exactly it works. Well, it’s not so complicated.

Simply take your white vinegar and add it to that pre-rinse compartment, then put it into your machine when it’s filling up with water, and let it soak.

The vinegar will help in softening, deodorizing, and lightening of the color of your fabrics. Right after washing, rinsing, and drying all of your items, you will notice a big difference. Rest assured, as your fabric isn’t going to smell like vinegar!

Ice pack

Ice packs are one of those items that are easily found in most homes. An ice pack is basically a plastic bag with refrigerant liquid and water that’s been kept entirely in the freezer.

You can easily use it to keep perishable food from getting spoiled by simply placing it together with the food inside a cooler. You can also use it to treat injuries, as it’s been proven to lower pain and swelling.

You can buy them from any store, but it will be more worthwhile if you can make it in the comfort of your own home. Just get a zipper-lock freezer bag, water, and some alcohol.

Post-It note cleaner

This hack is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning your gamepads and any other electronics that you’re constantly touching. All you need for this hack is a post-it note.

Then, what you need to do is to fold the note, so that you’ll have a pointing edge. In fact, you’re going to use THAT pointing edge to scrape out the clouds of dust from your remotes, gamepads, keyboards, and any other electronics with tiny hard-to-reach parts.

Rubbing alcohol blind cleaner

Have you noticed that your window blinds are prone to get super dusty most of the time? Not only that but cleaning them isn’t exactly the simplest thing in the world, too!

Even so, rubbing alcohol might help you with the cleaning miracle. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and sports socks. Flip the socks inside out, so you can put your hands in them like you’re wearing a glove.

Then, flip your blind, so you can have them in a flat horizontal position, and then spray the rubbing alcohol on it with every section. As you are spraying each and every section of the blind, you might want to rub it with the socks in your hands.

The rubbing alcohol will instantly help you remove all the dust and dirt on the blind!

All-purpose scrub

This is a great alternative for what we used to call a powdered cleanser, as it’s extremely used to get rid of grease, grime, and soap scum in your kitchen and toilet.

The quantity of this all-purpose cleaner solely depends on how much of it you’ll want to use right away. Get a bowl and mix up some equal parts of baking soda and dish soap in a bowl.

You can also add a couple of drops of water, then stir until you have an even mixture and your favorite essential oil. While it’s not the easiest thing to make such a scrub, it is definitely inexpensive!

Shower head cleaning

Have you ever noticed that water is not flowing as it should be, especially when you are in your shower? While it’s no reason to worry about it, it might be just an indication that hard water has built up in your shower head, and clogged the passage of water.

Even so, it can be extremely unpleasing, as your shower won’t work as effectively as it should have. What’s the way out? Well, there’s a great shower head cleaning hack we know!

It’s an extremely easy solution that basically implies filling a non-leaking plastic bag with plain vinegar, then placing the shower head into the filled plastic bag.

Then, simply tie it up with an elastic band, and leave it overnight. The vinegar will definitely help to break those hard water build-ups on the showerhead.

Remove the showerhead from the bag, discard the vinegar, then try the showerhead to see if you’ll still enjoy effective water running.

cleaning hacks
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DIY Vacuum Refresher

When you’re vacuuming, it’s nice to enjoy a pleasant smell, and there’s a great solution to achieve this. Simply take out your vacuum filter, then add some drops of your favorite essential oil.

Your vacuum will probably bring out a good smell when you’re using it. It’s very easy to do and it’s extremely inexpensive. The only thing that will cost you is the essential oil.

Towel deodorizing

Towels are one of those essential personal belongings we have, that we wish they’d always stay as clean and freshened as possible. You probably noticed that your towel has become a bit smelly, but don’t worry, as there’s a great way to get them refreshed!

The process basically relies on two cycles. The first cycle requires mixing hot water with one cup of white vinegar, while the second involves some baking soda and hot water.

You will run the content of each and every cycle in your machine. The second cycle should come right after the first one. This will instantly help you eliminate all build-ups in your towel, and return it to its freshened-up state.

Blender cleaning

You just finished with your blender, and you want to give it a quick wash? You’re probably wondering if you should use the normal washing method or not.

Well, what if we’d tell you there’s an easier way to do this? You might want to first give your blender a proper rinse, so you can get rid of the remnants in it, then put a teaspoonful of dish soap in the blender and half fill it with water, cover it up and then let it blend for 45 seconds or more, and rinse thoroughly.

This will leave the blender sparkling clean!

Boot shaper

If you have ever noticed that your boots started to wrinkle when you put them on, it’s probably because they aren’t kept in a good shape when you are not wearing them.

For this particular reason, it’s highly important to make sure that you have your shoe always in proper shape. Take your pool noodle and cut it to the vertical length size of your shoe, then make a pair, and when you’re not wearing your boots, simply stuff the pool noodle inside, it will keep your boots upright and long-lasting.

Mug cleaning

If you have stains on your mug or you noticed that it caught a stinky smell, this hack will fix it. What you want to do is to half fill the mug with water, and then add a teaspoonful of baking soda to form a solution.

Then, leave the solution in the mug until the next day, then scrub the mug and rinse the water. Not only you’ll get rid of the displeasing stain, but also you’ll manage to eliminate the stinking odor.

Greasy filter cleaner

When your overhead exhaust filter starts becoming greasy, it’s highly crucial that you clean it for maintenance purposes. It’s not a lot of work if you know this hack. All you have to do is to get a bucket and pour a decent quantity of OxiClean in it.

Then, boil a kettle full of water, and put the OxiClean in the bucket. Remove the exhaust filter from the overhead exhaust compartment, and then dip it into the mixture in the bucket.

If your bucket is not long enough, you might want to consider turning the filter, so the solution reaches every part. Then, you can remove the filter anytime after a minute, and you will love how clean it will turn out to be. Then rinse it with water and allow it to dry.

Chopping board refresher

Cutting boards that are made of wood are prone to getting smelly, which is an indication that there are some bacteria on the wood surface that you need to get rid of immediately.

A proper way to do so is to get your hydrogen peroxide and spray it on the board surface, then let it stay for a few minutes. Afterward, just give your cutting board a thorough cleaning, with some soap and water, and let it dry.

This way, the cutting board will be completely refreshed.

Eliminate wrinkles on the cloth

If you let your clothes stay in the machine for many hours before moving them into the dryer, you might notice that they come out of the dryer with wrinkles.

That’s because you didn’t watch the machine closely, and transferred your cloth to the dryer right after the washing ended. Even so, there’s still a good way to deal with wrinkles.

If you also have other wet garments that you want to dry out, you can still add the ones with wrinkles to them, so the water from the wet garments will fully disperse and loosen the wrinkles on the clothes.

Also, make sure that you hang them right away, after removing them from the dryer.

Car deodorizing

Cars are like a small and movable home. We drink, eat and enter with our shoes in them, which makes the car stinky in time. If you want to get rid of the bad smell when cleaning it you can simply apply essential oil on the carpet or the rubber mat of your car.

You will definitely love the freshened state of air in your car!

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