This may sound silly, but sometimes I question my gardening skills and I often find myself wondering why it doesn’t look like the way they do in the magazines. I am pretty sure they have a ton of secrets they won’t share with us just because some things are not meant to be shared.

Have you ever wondered what secrets they hide? You can actually grow beautiful and healthy plants by just using some nice hacks with items that you can easily find in your household, and which are not expensive at all!

Keep on reading to find out some little gardening tips that will help you have the garden you always wanted.

1.Use tea for the soil

In case you didn’t know, tea is actually good for the soil. It’s either new or used tea leaves. Pour them together with the water in order to get the nutrients that your soil needs. If I knew this hack before, I would have never thrown them away.

2.Banana peels

I learned this secret from my grandpa, who used to tell me how great banana peels are for roses. He used to have a nice garden filled with a lot of rose bushes, and they were in full bloom the whole spring. Banana peels keep aphids off the roses! You just have to bury them an inch or two deep around the base of the plant.

Keep in mind that whole peels will attract animals who will dig them up.

3. Fruit attracts butterflies

This is not really a secret, but I always wanted butterflies in my garden. They are so tiny and graceful. I would love to live in a warmer place to see them all year round. If you want a fairy tale garden, make sure you place some overripe bananas or orange slices on a raised platform.

Don’t forget to bring the food indoors before dawn, you know, to avoid hungry creatures that might lurk during the night.

4. Water when it’s dark

Yes! It’s actually a very bad idea to water your plants while the sun is up. If you do that, they will retain water for a longer period of time. Just try to use a good quality sprinkler to reap the best benefits of watering. Amazon has a plethora of options for you to choose from.

Are you ready to find more secrets about gardening? Keep reading to find out how to make your backyard look amazing, even if you have a small one.

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5. Mix vegetable seeds together

One of the best ideas is to mix carrot and radish seeds together when planting. Why? Because the radishes will grow faster than the carrots, and harvesting them will thin the carrots. I learned this secret from my grandpa and I still use it. It’s amazing!

Did you know about this? Tell us in the comments what other things you know about gardening.

TIP: If you want your carrots to grow healthier, add two or three tablespoons of gelatin to your pack of seeds before planting them. How cool is that? I am sure you can find some gelatin in your kitchen!

6.Plant bulbs in shade gardens

It’s best if you plant spring bulbs in areas that are typically shaded by trees, especially those that lose their leaves in the fall. Psst! Let me tell you a secret: your flowers will grow and flower before the trees leaf out again.

Cool, right? I might keep this in mind for next spring.

7. Don’t waste the kitchen waste

Did you know that bigger and better blooms are helped by your kitchen waste? The answer is definitely yes. Just bury your kitchen waste, including the egg shells and the banana skins, and also the vegetable peels (like onions or potatoes) for better soil. Who knew that, after all, waste is not really waste?

What do you think about this? Would you do that?

8. Save flower seeds

Leave the flower on the plant until it’s completely faded and the seed head is dry. Remove the head and place it on a paper plate to dry. Don’t forget to store them in a cool, dry place.

TIP: Don’t forget to inform yourself properly before starting the garden. Learn how long your growing season is so you can start some plants inside or avoid growing them. Some plants can take the cold better than others. 

9.Use paper to test seeds

You don’t want to waste the seeds that are stubborn enough to not grow? Before doing this, you can test them on a wet paper towel to be sure that they’ll grow. I wish I knew this secret before starting to garden a couple years ago.

Did you know about this?

10. Rainwater harvesting

This is an awesome secret! We all want to pay less for our water bill. That’s why, if you live in a house with a yard, you can collect the rainwater in a wood barrel. You can use it for later, but just be careful with the mosquitoes!

11. Don’t let your gardening tools rust

You may find this weird, but taking care of your tools is as important as taking care of your plants. During the winter, coat them with a thick layer of car wax or peanut oil every month. This trick will keep them as good as new. Don’t forget to clean them every time after using them.

Do you look after your tools? Are there other hacks we don’t know about? Tell us in the comments!

12. Don’t throw away the autumn leaves

Instead of throwing them away, you can easily chop them and use them as compost ingredients. Pulverized leaves can be left to nourish the lawn. After several freezes when plants have gone completely dormant, you can use up to 6 inches of shredded leaves over tender perennials to keep them over the winter.

Remove the mulch in the spring.

Also, newspaper makes excellent mulch! Instead of throwing them away after reading, you can use them in several layers over the soil. They will help retain moisture and suffocate the weeds.

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13. Apply rotted manure

For those who don’t know, another secret that every gardener needs to know is that rotted manure that has cured for at least six months is good for your soil. This can be a great fertilizer! Don’t apply a fresh one because it is too high in nitrogen and that can actually burn the plants.

Avoid using the manure from cats, dogs, or pigs because it can contain parasites that can infect humans!

14. Deadheading

Deadheading is basically good practice for perennials and annuals alike, just because the main goal of annual plants is to flower, set seed, and then die. Removing spent flowers encourages plants to use their energy to grow stronger roots instead of just seed production.

But you have to avoid deadheading plants grown primarily for decorative fruits, such as money plants, also called Lunaria.

15. Aluminum foil deters insects

Did you know that if you mix strips of aluminum foil with mulch, you will keep the bugs away? I learned this from my grandpa, and he also told me that the foil reflects light back on the plants, which actually encourages growth. How amazing is that?

If you just started gardening, you have a lot of questions for sure. Is everything getting enough sunlight? or water? What kind of soil is the best? Actually, you will learn this with time because nature is our best teacher. And the more you garden, the more you will learn about your plants.

Don’t forget to have fun while growing your own vegetables and gorgeous flowers in your backyard. Are you a rookie when it comes to gardening?

Tell us in the comments! We are eager to meet new people!

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