What are your dream living room makeovers?

Everybody has a mental picture of the ideal house. While redecorating the whole space may seem like a massive effort (and sure it is, believe me!), updating one room at a time proves to be a wiser approach. So which room is better to start with than the living room? I mean, when I think about redecorating, the first ideas that come to my mind are living room related.

Most people keep many things in their living rooms. Aside from pieces of furniture, a living room may contain plants, paintings, drapes, rugs, floor lamps and so on. You can either replace some of the items or, if you want to save some money, you can just try a few furniture-arranging ideas.

I know how important it is to look around your house and be content with what you see. I mean, in order to call it home, you must have it decorated just the way you like. While some folks are completely addicted to redecorating at least once a month, others feel the need for some changes once or maybe twice a year. No matter how often you do this, I have some awesome living room makeovers to inspire you.

Keep reading to find out the latest trends and get ready to refresh your living room!

Mixed-up textures
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1. Mix-up textures

Turn your living room into a sumptuous space of comfort by incorporating various textures and fabrics across window treatment options, furniture, and rugs. For instance, velvet drapes are eye-catching and also quite interesting to the touch. To add a bolder touch to your living room, join those drapes with a few cushions in mixed cotton and a strikingly handmade rug. Keep a shared hue for all these fun fabrics to maintain a harmonized design.

This tip is especially for those who are willing to try unique living room makeovers. The truth is that sometimes it gets dull to have a formal sitting room. If you feel the same, swap the classic living room for a refreshing and unusual vibe by playing with mixed-up textures.

2. Add strategic lighting

Living rooms serve numerous purposes, but they should provide a cozy vibe in order to relax and spend some quality time. Finding the right lighting is one of the major living room makeovers that can change the whole atmosphere.

Clever lighting solutions can truly transform your living room, turning it into a welcoming and warm space. Similarly, your lighting selections may also provide aesthetic appeal. Try choosing stylish table lamps to brighten up those poorly lit corners.

Also, look for warm light bulbs because they provide soft lighting, the type you need if you want a more cozy feel. You can also add some floor lamps or wall lights where necessary, but don’t overdo it. Having too many spotlights can definitely ruin the whole cozy vibe.

3. Mix modern with vintage

If you have any old stuff you keep somewhere in the attic or garage, then this is the best occasion for you to reuse them. When it comes to living room makeovers, mixing new and old can have an unexpected and original outcome. Basically, the whole traditional sitting room comes alive. And you don’t even have to buy new stuff.

If you’ve inherited your grandmother’s coffee table or you’ve found a vintage armoire at the flea market, then take a step back and think about what your living room would look like with those two pieces. Keep in mind that while some old furniture needs to be restored, other pieces may look more artistic if you preserve them in their original state.

Window seat and living room makeovers
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4. Take advantage of all useable space

Think about your bathroom or your bedroom and then compare them with your sitting area. You’ll realize that the living room is where you do lots of varied activities. This said, a living room must provide great modularity so you can pursue your daily or occasional activities.

Take a look at the whole area and try to imagine which living room makeovers you can do in order to take advantage of as much space as you can. Before actually doing this, consider not saturating the space because it will definitely look cluttered and even chaotic.

A classic living room can also be full of charm and personality. If the space allows it, you can turn your window niche into a cozy and pretty window seat decorated with some blankets and a few stylish cushions.

Not every house has a large window niche, so a more realistic and suitable idea for space optimization would be to bring storage near the ceiling. You can add floating shelves or ladder-style shelving to display books, magazines, scented candles and so on.

5. Display books in style

If you’re a book lover and you’re looking for cheap living room makeovers, then reorganizing your book collection is your way to go! A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf tends to be more stylish, especially if it’s combined with some artworks and seating right next to it.

Now, when it comes to how to actually organize your books, you have quite a few options here. Maybe you want to have them in alphabetical order, or maybe it’s more helpful for you to have paperback books separated from the hardcover ones.

A more unconventional method is organizing your books by colors. This is without a doubt the most visually attractive approach available, allowing for some stunning sweeps of different hues that are extremely pleasing to the eye.

Now, many books have some artistic covers and spines so it’s up to you how to display them to result in something eye-catching.

6. Create a focal point

If you’re looking for more eye-catching living room makeovers, this one definitely works all the time. It has to be something big enough to stand out from the rest of the living room items; also, the ideal focal point faces the main entrance of the room so it should be the first thing you see when you walk in there.

If you have a fireplace, then you already have a natural focal point. You can hang some art right next to it or you can decorate it with candles to make the whole area look more stylish.

Most living rooms don’t have a fireplace but do have a television which works pretty well as a focal point. If your television is on a TV stand, you can fill the shelves with some eye-catching items like vintage stuff or hardcover books.

Another true center of attention item would be your favorite painting. The larger is it, the better. Just display it on the wall that faces the entrance making sure not to overload the area afterward.

living room makeovers: accent color
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7. Add an accent color if your walls are neutral

Living room makeovers aren’t makeovers if you don’t add a new color to your sitting area. If your walls are white or neutral, consider adding a splash of color to boost interest. Is green your favorite color? Or maybe red? Either way, this is the perfect occasion for you to integrate a hue you love.

Have some fun and choose different patterns for your sofa, cushions and drapes. Having different elements in the same color turns your traditional living room into a cohesive yet bold space.

If you can’t decide on a single color, you can even choose a second one but make sure the two of them are complementary. For instance, blue goes pretty well with orange, while yellow and purple make a perfect team. There are plenty of eye-catching color combinations anyway. You just have to let your creativity run wild.

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