Is your kitchen small and making you feel claustrophobic whenever you want to cook something? Not anymore, because we know how to make it look more spacious! Cramped rooms that don’t have enough light can make us feel low and sad, compared to a brighter room that can put you in a good mood in a few minutes.

There is no reason why a small kitchen can’t give off some serious style and make it appear larger than it actually is. Regardless of the size, a kitchen can feel spacious if you know how to use a few easy design strategies to maximize the space you already have.

There are a lot of small kitchens in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, such as New York, Paris, and London, which are extremely small, but they are actually very stylish, attractive, and bright.

If you have a tiny kitchen, there are a few easy ways you can make it look more spacious! We are here to help you out!

1. Color, color, color!

Don’t be afraid to change up the colors once in a while! This is a budget-friendly way to update your kitchen and to give it a more spacious look!

If you want to go for a more vibrant look, you can go for yellow, because it will give off a warm feel that will open up the space. Plus, it will make your kitchen look sunny and welcoming.

However, if you are undecided, or if you don’t want any colors to touch your walls, white is always a good idea. It will make your kitchen look more spacious and it will always be in style!

TIP: Whether you choose white or not, you can put one or two green plants or flower arrangements in your kitchen. It will make it look calm and it’s also very chic!

2. Geometric patterns are your friends 

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When it comes to interior designs, geometric patterns are always a good idea, especially in places like kitchens and bathrooms! You don’t have to put wallpaper with this design on it, but you can choose a tablecloth, a little rug, or a cushion with this print!

By doing this, you will create the illusion that your small kitchen is actually more spacious, and more vibrant! Besides that, your little kitchen will look like it’s coming straight out of an interior design magazine. However, make sure you stick to one or two elements, otherwise, it will seem crowded.

If you want to give off the impression of a longer and taller kitchen, geometric designs can attract the eye vertically or lengthwise. Subway tiles in cities can create the impression of opening up even the tiniest space. The strong black lines that run between the subway tiles can create the sense of a larger kitchen.

If changing your kitchen tiles seems out of your budget, don’t worry, because a floor runner that has a geometric print on it will do the trick as well. You just have to get a little creative.

3. Go for see-through elements 

Your kitchen will appear larger if you have an unobstructed physical and visual path. Your eye will continue to view through the space rather than coming to an abrupt stop point if the sightlines in your kitchen are kept open.

This look can be achieved by using clear plastic seats, floating islands and bar surfaces, backless barstools, or glass pendant lighting. It’s time for a trip to an interior design shop!

4. Add mirrors 

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Who doesn’t love mirrors, right? They make every room look like a glam studio, and they are extremely stylish! These objects are well-known for their capability of making any chamber look more spacious, but the truth is that people only use mirrors in their bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, or bathrooms. They don’t even think of using mirrors in the kitchen.

A large mirror that spans one wall can look stunning, especially when it reflects a table or kitchen countertop that is flat against it. It will give you a more spacious look, but if you don’t want any mirrors touching your walls, you can go for mirrored splashback or cupboards to create the same beautiful effect.

5. Choose surfaces that reflect light

Besides mirrors, there are also other reflective surfaces that can make your tiny kitchen appear more spacious. You can choose from a bunch of materials, such as glass tiles, floors that are shiny, paint that has a high-gloss finish, appliances made of stainless steel, and cabinets that are glossy.

Spacious, stylish, welcoming… all in one!

6. Hello, minimalism!

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Minimalism is a trend that will always be in. You can use this style in any room in your house, in your wardrobe, your belongings, everywhere! It gives a stylish and sophisticated feel, giving off the impression that everything you have is put together.

When it comes to the kitchen, a minimalist look will work wonders for opening up that space. You should avoid having a lot of stuff in your kitchen, only include things that you actually need on a daily basis.

If you want to give off the impression of longer sightlines and a more spacious interior, avoid extremely detailed, too decorative accents and keep the aesthetic simple. If it appears like you don’t have enough space in the kitchen for all of your belongings, the room will appear crowded and small, like the tiny house of a hamster.

Tip: Make sure you maintain a guideline of keeping kitchen surfaces clean every day! If you want to have a breezy-looking kitchen, you have to ensure that every object has a place to be stored. This includes decluttering the space above your kitchen cabinets. You have to be ruthless with any products you don’t use in a small kitchen and donate them to a charity shop. You don’t need 20 items if you are only using 5!

7. Don’t add too many personal touches!

We all know that having a few personal touches here and there can make any room feel more welcoming and it gives it the feeling that you are home. However, if you already have a small kitchen, putting too many kids’ paintings and tourist magnets on the fridge will make the space look cluttered and claustrophobic.

This doesn’t mean that you should throw away the children’s artwork or your memories from your trips, but it won’t hurt if you select your favorite ones and put them on a shelf or frame any extraordinary artwork.

Instead of a cluttered fridge surface, a stylish pinboard, chalkboard, or mesh noticeboard can create a singular space for notes, creating a sense of order and more room.

8. Organize your workstation

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If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you may save space by incorporating your microwave into the cabinetry and keeping the oven and cooking area in the same zone. This way you will make more of your tiny space and it will give you more space!

For tiny appliances, you can go for an appliance garage, which allows you to keep items such as a toaster and blender plugged in but hidden. The bright, airy, and visually pleasant kitchen worktops will immediately make the space feel more bright, airy, and appealing. In addition to that, think about the fact that it will be a lot easier for the next time you are dusting or tidying the place up!


What do you think about these 8 easy tips that can make your kitchen look more spacious? Go ahead and try them out! If you liked reading this article, make sure you check out this one!

Don’t forget to have fun redecorating!

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  1. No one has mirrors in the kitchen because they would get greasy from steam from cooking. It’s hard enough to clean the vent hood over the stove, let alone a mirror!

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