As a homeowner, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your house safe.

America is known for its own cultural quirks, and it’s basically impossible to create a golden book of homeowner rules to see what you can and can’t do.

In case you didn’t know, some laws can actually tell you how long your lawn can be and even if you are allowed to have a fence or not.

What can you keep in your backyard? Be cautious because some items can’t simply be discarded.

Keep on reading to find out more about the 10 things that can lead to a serious fine.

1. Clotheslines in the front yard

This seems more like common sense to me than illegal. Every homeowner should know that hanging clothes to dry in a FRONT yard is not OK.

There are plenty of states in America that forbid hanging laundry in the front yard. California is one of them.

Of course, this is the best natural way to dry your clothing, but please do it in the backyard to not disturb the neighbors.

Especially if you’re about to hang your panties!

Don’t be that rude neighbor and respect others too.

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2. Ask before you feed the birds

If you like animals as much as I do, then you may know the struggle. Even if it may seem like an innocent thing to do, you have to ask before doing this.

You can have a feeding station in your backyard only if the HOA approves it.

Even if you, as a homeowner, clean after they eat, some seeds will spill in the yard, and that might attract mice or feral cats, which, of course, will cause a lot of damage to your house.

Be careful!

3. Taking out the garbage can too early

If you take out the trash and do all the recycling, you are a responsible homeowner. You really are.

But you have to keep in mind that in some places, like Florida, for example, if you put your garbage can out too early, you can get a fine. You are not allowed to take your trash to the curb before 6 p.m.

Do you know the rules regarding this matter? They may differ from one state to another. If you’ve recently moved to a new neighborhood, make sure you are aware of its rules.

4. Broken windows

If your grandchildren kicked in your window with a ball by accident while playing football and it shattered, make sure you won’t leave it that way.

As a homeowner, if your house is near the street and a lot of people pass by, you should consider fixing the issue as soon as possible.

Don’t expose your house to robbers. And in some states, it is actually illegal to keep a house with broken windows.

Don’t leave your house in disrepair!

5. Don’t hang blue or any other colored string lights in Connecticut

We all love colors, especially during the holiday season. So you have to keep in mind that in Guilford, Connecticut, you can only have white lights.

A couple of years ago, it was forbidden to hang colored lights for the Christmas season. If you’re caught doing anything other than what’s allowed, Santa will pay you a visit. Funny right?

Just be careful with these weird rules because you don’t want to be fined during the holidays.

Why spend your money on weird fines when you have a lot of relatives and have plenty of gifts to give? Read the rules of your state to avoid such problems. Be a responsible homeowner!

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6. Be aware of what you park outside

If you have a camper, an RV, or even a large boat, don’t park them in front of the yard. In some states, it’s illegal, and you can be fined for this.

You have to check local regulations in order to be up-to-date with the laws. Even if we’re talking about parking in your own garden or in front of the house near the road, the rules are the same.

And if you really have to park any vehicle on your property, make sure you have a current license for it.

In any case, every homeowner should know that having a garage is the safest. For the vehicle, but also for your safety.

The neighborhood may appear friendly, but you never know!

7. Obstructing your address number

Be careful not to let your landscaping get so big that it obscures your address number.

If you, as a homeowner, block the address number, police or ambulance personnel won’t locate your house in case of an emergency.

And you could be fined for this! Make sure the address number is visible from afar.

8. Don’t Plant Too Many Roses in Santa Fe, California

If you are a flower lover but you live in Santa Fe, California, you must know that as a homeowner, you are not allowed to plant too many roses.

An association claimed that one person who had a four-acre property exceeded the number of rose bushes he had. And he had to pay a lot for this.

Make sure you read the rules before planting anything in your front yard. Especially if you live in California. Plants are cute. They should be all around us! That’s simply unfair.

9. Dirty pool 

Don’t forget to ensure your pool has a fence. Because one, for your own safety, and two, you will be fined if you don’t have it. You should also keep it in good and sanitary conditions.

If you don’t know how to clean it properly, call for someone else’s services.

This also applies to puddles of mud that can form in your yard, especially after a storm or heavy summer rain.

And you can get into trouble if you don’t take care of them as soon as possible.

Stagnant water attracts mosquitos and other insects that can put you and other people around you at a health risk.

Be a responsible homeowner and take care of your belongings!

TIP: Make sure you check all the rules before investing and installing a pool because a lot of neighborhoods don’t allow in-ground pools, and a lot of states require fences around them.

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10. Keep the fun in the backyard

Are you a homeowner, but you are also super passionate about tennis?

Cool, but make sure you keep all the fun stuff in the backyard where you can enjoy your playtime in silence with no witnesses.  This includes a treehouse, a tennis table, some swings, or even a basketball hoop.

Also, make sure you check out their sizes because bigger items like your bicycle may not be OK to keep in the yard. Some states can fine you for this.

What are the rules in your state? Are you aware of them?

Did you know that a lot of states have some restrictions regarding dog sizes? In some areas, you are not allowed to keep more than one dog, and the one you have should be small. But if you plan on raising chickens in your backyard, make sure the neighborhood allows you to. Because some may require a special permit.

Be a nice and friendly homeowner. A person who can serve as a role model for their community.

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