Are you ready to transform your basement into a cozy room? 

Basements are usually a space for storage, and a lot of people are wasting them because it’s not that well organized. Have you ever tried to think about this room having another use?

Maybe there could be an extra bedroom saved for the guests or for a family member that is coming to town for the weekend. Or just a relaxing space.

Especially if you have a little bit of natural light!

What were the main obstacles when you tried to rearrange your basement? Money or time? A lot of people confessed that they had no idea what to do with this space.

If you are looking for some great tips on how to start this project, we’re here to help you! Keep on reading to find out the small details that will lead you to a basement transformation.

1. Measure the space

First of all, you should measure everything, starting with the space, to see what you can fit in. Measure the height of the walls, how large the floor is, and see what you can change.

If you wish to purchase some furniture, this is going to be useful information.

Designers recommend that if you want to turn your basement into a livable space, it has to be at least 7 feet tall. Which is a medium size but enough to make the space cozy.

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2. Add lights 

One of the main issues you face when trying to turn your basement into a cozy room is lighting because, in most cases, these spaces have no natural light or just a small amount.

But you can always choose bulb lightning. It looks nice and fancy and gives the room an eerie vibe. It depends on how you want your basement to look.

There are a large number of products that you can add: floor lamps, table lamps, or even chandeliers.

When you look for the furniture, make sure it will match the style of the lamps.

And for an even lighter room, you can add a ceiling light right in the middle of the basement.

3. Don’t forget about the plumbing!

Plumbing is an important issue in this DIY project. Because you really need to check all the plumbing and wiring, especially if you are living in an old house. In some cases, you might actually need a permit to get this done.

Make sure you read the laws in your state before anything else.

If your basement is large enough and ready to be turned into something awesome then you’ll also need to take care of waterproofing.

Don’t forget about the heating! It’s going to be important, especially during a harsh winter.

Make sure the space will be also well ventilated because you don’t want mold after just one month.

4. Insulation 

Many people tend to neglect this part because they don’t consider it important. Well, it is. If you want to be able to use the basement as a room, you have to insulate it properly.

Good insulation starts from the ground and continues to the walls.

This is a measurement against noise but also for when there are low temperatures outside.

If you don’t know how to go about this by yourself, ask for some professional help.

Sometimes they will choose the method with insulated panels, but that will imply a wall restoration as well. It all depends on what you wish to accomplish.

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5. Paint the walls in bright colors

Don’t get stuck on darker colors! Because your basement needs good lighting.

Moreover, believe it or not, if you paint the walls white or light blue, the whole space will look even brighter. Especially if you don’t have any windows.

And I bet you’ll have lots of fun picking the perfect color.

As a side tip, don’t forget to match the furniture with the color of the walls. A light-colored sofa will complete the look perfectly!

6. Take care of the storage space 

If you decide upon the idea that your basement is a place for storage, there is nothing wrong with it. But that doesn’t mean it will be crowded with low lightning. Ah! And full of spider webs.

Make sure you throw away everything that you don’t use or wear anymore. Pack them in boxes, and you can donate them to families in need.

Re-arrange your basement with shelves and some storage furniture and cover all the walls if possible.

If you keep boxes, you can label them in order to easily find what you’ll need in the future.

Don’t forget about a dehumidifier. It’s important to have one in the basement. Especially if you notice humidity or even mold on the walls.

7. Flooring

A lot of designers recommend tile for basement flooring. because it’s easy to keep it clean.

But if you want something that’s a bit more fancy, you can opt for wood flooring or even carpeting. Usually, a carpet will keep the room warmer for longer, especially during the winter season.

Another option that a lot of people prefer is laminated wood. Because it’s for a friendly budget!

In this case, don’t forget to check the plumbing.

Laminated wood is the easiest thing to get damaged in the event of a flood.

8. Create a cozy reading corner

If you love reading and you don’t want to be interrupted, then you most likely need your own space to retreat to.

Your basement can be turned into a nice reading room with a tiny library.

For this choice, you might want to pick wood flooring that matches the library.

And you can also add a fluffy rug for an even cozier environment.

Don’t forget about the couch, which needs to be comfortable, you know, for you to be comfy for more than 3 hours straight in a good position.

Lightning is important too!

What other items would you bring with you to the basement?

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9. Upgrade the stairs 

Basement stairs freak me out! Seriously, just because a lot of them are narrow and dark.

This was my biggest fear as a kid. Jokes aside, you can actually solve this issue by turning the old stairs into something beautiful.

And don’t forget about the lightning!

No matter if we’re talking about a basement or a hallway, if a house has indoor stairs, these are the first things to notice.

Because it’s a very powerful decor item. And it has a very big influence on the first impression.

If they are not made of wood, you can add a long rug to keep the surface pleasant to the eye.

You can always opt for some spotlights on the entire staircase too.

10. Work in vertical lines

A lot of basements tend to be small with low ceilings. And this can be a real struggle, especially if you want to turn it into a livable space.

But if you need to work with what you have, create a plan that’s vertically oriented.

Design the bigger picture and think about paneling. It’s the best solution.

If you want to visually have a wider basement, wainscoting will make the ceilings look a lot higher than they really are.


We mentioned earlier that it’s very important to have a bright basement, especially if you don’t have any windows in it.

If you keep it light, the space will look even more inviting.

Don’t forget to plan ahead.

What do you want your basement to look like?

You can always turn it into a home cinema and add a big screen TV, or even into a gaming room.

Are you prepared to turn your basement into a veritable and warm room?

Are you interested in more DIY projects? Because we have plenty of ideas to give you. Read all about them here!

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