Are you ready to update your kitchen? Because we’re definitely ready to help you out with it! These easy-peasy do-it-yourself projects are the perfect project for you.

We have prepared EVERYTHING, from storage to decor, you will definitely find an upgrade for your kitchen. And let’s leave for a minute the whole thing with practicality and durability…but cooking in an upgraded kitchen will only make you want to cook even more, as it will be more fun!

Don’t worry, these hacks don’t require a degree in engineering or expensive materials, just a lot of patience and a liiiittle bit of creativity!

DIY Herb planter cutting board

As we all know, adding a bunch of fresh herbs is one of the best ways to enhance your meal. But wouldn’t it be much easier to add herbs to your favorite dish simply with a planter that doubles as a cutting board?

This way, you can easily pick up a few leaves of your favorite herb and chop them up on the cutting board, right before tossing them into whatever dish you want to prepare.

DIY Abstract painted plates

For the next party, you’re going to throw, skip the paper plates and make more reusable and brightly colored plates, that you can easily paint with abstract designs.

Low-cost and plain Ikea plates will definitely brighten up with a couple of ceramic paints.

Photo by Benoit Daoust from Shutterstock

DIY Painted cabinets

Why won’t you give your kitchen the makeover it deserves, by simply painting your cabinets? It can be super fun and dramatic change, that won’t even cost you as much money to do.

Use liquid sandpaper, if you want to make this project easier to handle.

DIY Pour over coffee stand

Get the ideal cup of coffee every single morning with just a pour-over coffee stand that you can DIY in just one day. This beautiful hack can be made from a wood pole desk lamp base.

DIY Kitchen storage jars

Store all the essential ingredients such as sugar and flour in these simple but extremely beautiful DIY storage jars. Also, don’t forget that black porcelain paint is the secret key to this project!

DIY Cup stand tree

Keep your mugs close to your heart in your kitchen by simply hanging them off a cup stand. A cup stand tree is ideal for leaving right next to the coffee machine or even integrating it into your new coffee bar.

DIY Kitchen rug

Decorate your kitchen floor with a beautiful custom rug. The fabric will definitely give you a soft spot to relax when you do the dishes. You will also need a sewing machine for this interesting and fun project.

DIY Pizza stand

Take your pizza out of the box and put it on a nice decorative stand that will keep it close to you at the center of your kitchen table. Metal spray paint is the key ingredient.

DIY Taco Stand

For a proper Taco Tuesday, start impressing your family by serving some delicious ready-made tacos that you carefully arrange in a beautiful display. Place it right in the center of your table, making it much easier for everybody to grab a taco from this smart DIY taco stand.

Photo by brizmaker from Shutterstock

DIY Brushstroke glasses

Whether you’re serving juice or cocktails, these amazing DIY brushstroke glasses are the perfect addition to your kitchen. But carefully, as these glasses aren’t painted with regular paint!

DIY Pantry storage jars

You can easily organize your pantry with some labeled glass jars, so you can see when you’re running low on essential pantry jams, like cocoa, chia seeds, and rice. You can also add some paint pens in various colors to jazz up your shelves.

DIY Wood salt and pepper shakers

You can do this project by yourself, all you need is a new set of wood salt and pepper shakers. If you prefer working with wood, you will have a lot of fun using wood dowels for this particular project.

DIY Kitchen Storage cart

Do you feel like you haven’t got enough space in your kitchen? One easy and practical solution is to build a kitchen storage cart for some small appliances and dishes.

This way, you can easily keep your extra kitchen items hidden until you need them.

DIY Hickory Cutting Board

You can craft all by yourself an adorable hickory cutting board, which is perfect for cutting up fresh fruit and veggies. One end is painted with food-safe paint.

DIY Copper pipe paper towel holder

Don’t you want to keep your paper towels within your reach? You can do that simply by hanging it on a copper pipe towel holder that you can easily install under your kitchen cabinets, without taking up any additional counter space.

Photo by Gudrun Muenz from Shutterstock

DIY Kitchen herb garden

Instead of running to the grocery store every single time you actually need fresh herbs, you can grow all of your favorites in a practical vertical herb garden that you can EASILY DIY.

DIY Donut apron

Start taking care of your clothes by baking with an adorable DIY donut apron that’s extremely easy to make. You can hang it up on a bold hook in your kitchen, to show your roommates who’s the real boss.

DIY Acrylic serving board

Serve up your favorite snacks for the next dinner party on a pretty and colorful acrylic serving board, that everyone will be totally surprised to hear you did all by yourself. The best part of the project is that you can choose the shape, too.

DIY Painted spoons

Update your old boring spoons with a tiny bit of paint to give them a chic gold handle. These spoons are dip dyed in beautiful gold glass paint.

DIY Cork placemats

Take care of your kitchen counters or table with these easy-to-do cork placemats. This Ikea hack is using the stencil and white paint on the store’s inexpensive placemats.

Photo by zygonema from Shutterstock

DIY Modern cake stand

You can help your homemade cake look even more elegant, by simply raising it onto a pedestal with a modern DIY cake stand. This base is entirely made from a pencil holder, but you can be a bit more creative and use recycle any item you want for the base.

DIY Zinc EAT sign

Add affordable art to your kitchen by crafting a zinc sign that says “EAT” OR “HAPPY”. You can hang it on one of the walls in your kitchen. Painting wood letters is a good alternative, as this style would definitely cost you a couple of bucks.

DIY Subway tiles kitchen backsplash

Subway tiles are ideal as a kitchen backsplash, even if your decorating style might differ a bit. This weekend, start an extremely easy DIY project and update your kitchen by simply adding a subway tile backsplash!

DIY Painted wooden spoon

I feel like we haven’t finished with all that spoon painting…that’s why we suggest you brighten up your boring wooden spoons by simply painting the handles in your favorite colors.

It’s a super easy project that would also be a pretty house gift.

DIY Wood Cabinets pulls

Instead of the usual metal cabinet pulls that you can easily find in any other retail store, you can make your own set of wood cabinet pulls, only that yours will definitely give a unique handmade touch in the kitchen.

DIY Marble and wood serving platter

Serve snacks or even appetizers on an elegant high-end-looking marble and wood serving platter will definitely give another vibe! I know what you’re thinking…where do you sign up, right? Well, don’t worry, you can do it yourself in your own home!

DIY Rolling kitchen island

Add some extra counter space in your kitchen, by building this DIY moveable kitchen island. It is an extremely easy Ikea hack that will add some color to your kitchen!

DIY Brushstroke plates

Are you looking for a relaxing afternoon activity, and you don’t know what to do? Take your painting colors and decore a couple of plain white plates with lines in your favorite shades and colors. The result is going to look amazing, and your dishes will be admired by future guests!

DIY Footed serving bowls

These simple DIY footed serving bowls are simply ideal for your family-style meals, especially if you’re used to placing all the food on the table from the start and inviting everyone to help themselves.

Add a stained wood plaque on the bottom of your bowl, for a more heightened presentation.

DIY Gimme some sugar dish towel

Add something nice and playful to your kitchen decor, by starting a DIY project with a “gimme some sugar” dish towel, that’s bound to make everyone smile every single time they see it. You can do it with heat transfer vinyl, which will turn bland kitchen tea towels into amazing WOW towels.

DIY Kitchen appliance garage

Keep your kitchen counters clean and organized, by hiding all those useful appliances, such as the coffee machine or toaster. Where, you’re wondering…” where can I hide them”, right? Make a kitchen appliance garage, where you can hide all those appliances that you need but they’re not so aesthetic.

DIY Wood cake stand

Serve up a delicious scale at the next family birthday party on a small and minimalist wood cake that will make any cake seem much fancier.

A circular wood piece to a square wood pot will ideally complete this modern delight.

DIY Patterned placemats and napkin rings

Add a couple of new patterns to your tableware with new matching placemats and napkin rings with this DIY project. Trust me, freeze printable patterns will make this project a breeze to accomplish.

DIY Confetti pattern plates

Skip the old boring white plates and make your family a surprise fun confetti patterned dishes set, that you can use for serving meals to your guests. Grab a couple of cotton swabs and paint to make these easy sprinkle designs.

DIY Wood paper towel holder

Instead of leaving a roll of paper towels on your kitchen counter, you’d better store it on a stylish wood paper towel holder with an interesting DIY project. The tiniest detail of the gold top will add a dash of glamour to your kitchen.

DIY Chalkboard spice jars

Keep your dried spices fully organized by making a proper set of chalkboard jars. Naturally, you can write the name of each spice directly on the jar. Of course, a dab of glass chalkboard paint will add a finishing touch to your DIY project.

DIY Colorful breakfast bowls

I absolutely love these breakfast bowls! Update your morning routine with a bowl of cereal in one of these cheerful DIY breakfast bowls.

DIY House-shaped mug shelf

This particular mug shelf shaped exactly like a house is absolutely perfect for hanging over your coffee cart and showcasing your mug collection. Build it with only a couple of pieces of wood glued together and stained.

DIY Marble plate chargers

If you want a more formal place setting, add these chic handmade marble plate chargers directly underneath your dinner plates when you set the table. Marble contact paper, alongside wood rounds, would look elegant in this combination.

DIY Brass cabinet pulls

Update your old and dusty cabinet pulls to look more like brass, by simply using spray paint. As an alternative, buy simple Ikea handles in stainless steel, and then paint with two coats of gold spray paint.

DIY Faux Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you could still give your kitchen a little makeover, by simply using markers to draw a herringbone backsplash on your kitchen walls.

All you need is a carpenter’s square, a piece of subway tile, or even a template if you want to see the best results.

Don’t forget to tell us which one of these DIY projects you tried, and how it went! We would love to hear from our readers about the little projects they’ve picked up from our website!

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